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Ok, so I have been keen to get a decent new camera for a little while now. I know very little about cameras but am the type of person who once I buy something, I then learn how to use it and generally get the most out of what I buy. Up until now I've been using the smaller digital cameras (Canon and Sony, cost around $250ish) and then my Galaxy S7 / Galaxy S8 for random every day stuff.

I do quite a lot of travelling and am planning on going back to the USA this year and also Africa. I'm looking for a camera that will suit those needs and all the deals that have come up have me thinking now is the time to buy one. The deals I'm talking about are below…

I'm just looking for some basic advice on what will suit me - I generally do some hiking and outdoorsy stuff and when I travel do take a lot of photos. I find it difficult to take photos in low light with my current cameras so the idea of taking quality photos in lighting conditions that aren't optimal does appeal. I don't know want something really huge but do want to be able to zoom. I've seen other people with nicer cameras that seem to be able to snap an image in a blink of an eye too - basically something that is portable enough and can take decent shots - I'm no expert and don't want to be changing lenses every second, but any recommendations on a superior lense for the camera is much appreciated. Ideally it would be pretty simple to get the photos from the camera to a PC as well.

Cheers in advance for any help!


  • Budget?

    Also definition of portable will differ greatly from person to person. I don't find any of the full frame stuff to be "portable" but there are people happy to carry all that kit.

    I would probably consider a fixed lens camera such as the rx100, g7x (a great deal here) or lx10 or if zoom is priority the tz110. A step up in size and weight is micro 4/3, the lx100 is still a good camera to buy though a bit aged (a refresh is allegedly in the works)

    • Thanks for taking the time to reply :)

      I guess for me portable is something that can be worn around a neck for a little whileor in its own little bag if need be or something that isn't a weight burden.

      When you say fixed lens camera, does that mean an all in on solution, no lens swapping etc?

      • Yes. I mean cameras which have a lens that cannot be changed but often they are a zoom solution. The rx100 lx10 and lx100 all have 24mm-70mm equivalent (roughly 3x zoom) g7x is 24-100mm (4x) And tz110 is 25-250mm (10x)

        • Thank you I'll do a bit of research on these. Cheers!

  • Sony a6000

    • Thanks for the suggestion, looks like I missed out on this deal -

      What in particular makes you recommend this one?

      • It's great for traveling, nice and compact.
        Used it recently during my trip to Japan, and wouldn't think of carrying a big dslr.

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