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Adjustable Car Suction Phone Mount Holder - US $0.97 (~AU $1.29) Delivered @ Gearbest

  • Rotatable windscreen suction mount holder cradle stand for mobile/ GPS
  • Knowing that these products (irrespective of the brand) don't last too long particularly in hot summer, it's a good value at this price. I have purchased the similar stands for $5-$6 earlier and they lasted for 6-12 months.

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  • When I apply the code it changes the price upwards (to $3.25) from $1.99????

  • I have had these before. Pretty good. Eventually break. Some people say the suction does not suck, however there is a lever on side that makes the cup suck. I'm getting more for when the aussie summer kills another one.

  • Just going to cut/paste my comment from last time here…

    "Had one exactly like this one but a different brand. Suction is good on a windshield. If this one is anything like the one I had the suction cup is sticky so you can place it on the dashboard but that worked fine for about a month or two. You also need 2 hands to place your phone on it all the time which gets extremely annoying.

    The spring on the…claw?…that holds the phone was…too good…you needed a kungfu grip to open the damn thing sometimes and if your fingers slip while taking the phone out the claw shuts back close so hard that it might eventually break.

    So yeah…I don't have the best memories with that thing. Ended up replacing it with something much better."

    • What do you have now?

      • Heh, I had the same question last time.

        I got one of these:


        Has lost suction only once in the 16 months I've had it and it's definitely easy to use. Can be a little expensive coming from the US but for me it was worth it. They also have a much more expensive version with wireless charging but I couldn't justify the cost.

        EDIT: Just realized what I linked is actually an updated version of the one I have which I will assume is even better.

        • Looks good. It's ~ $25 USD though (plus shipping probably), whilst we are talking about $0.97 USD (and free shipping). I didn't need even 8 of these in last 3 yrs at worst, so the value isn't bad at this price as I mentioned.

    • Had one exactly like this one but a different brand

      These ones don't have any brand mentioned on them anyway. I have bought them from eBay and other websites a few times but they all look exactly the same.

  • Bought one of these a year ago for ~$5.
    I'm pretty sure it's the same model as mine even has the red between the clumping system.

    It lasted me 6-8 months before I started to get problems with it not sticking to the window, no big deal as I'm buying another :)

    • Yes, the red is a standard identifier on these ones :-). They seem to be coming from one big OEM manufacturer.

  • The Code you entered has expired.

  • All xx%OFF$1 codes (such as 70%OFF$1) give me the expired error, even though I am logged in:

    The Code you entered has expired.
    Code for single unit price only; VIP Price, Special Offer or Group Deal all exempt.

    Obviously from this thread the 70%OFF$1 code is working for some GB customers.
    The xx%OFF$1 codes used to work well for me. I made many purchases off the Under US$1 items page.
    Sometimes doing single orders for over ten different items from just one of the xx%OFF$1 codes.
    I wonder if I have exceeded some limit.
    GB Help were unable to explain why the xx%OFF$1 codes no longer work for me.
    So they added 50 points to my account in compensation.

  • Received mine today! Probably the shortest delivery time from China I've ever had! Mount isn't too bad either, especially for a dollar. Thanks OP :)