What do you use Entertainment Book for?

I haven't used mine yet and want to get some value out of it.

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    … To get discounted meals/services and products? Or an I using it wrong and it's supposed to be a door stopper?



      also last year they had supercheap gift vouchers at 15% off (normally 5 or 10).


    If I'm feeling adventurous if looking for a new place to eat I always check the entertainment book app for restaurants nearby. A few of my friends have the book as well so when we decide where to eat we'd try to pick a restaurant from the book.

    Some good retail discounts to, eg Chemist warehouse spend $10 off $50 purchase, David Jones 10% off egiftcards


    Open book, find voucher you like the look of. Go to the place, use the voucher. Repeat.

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    As a thermal energy source primarily. By burning it.

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      I tried burning my electronic subscription. The result was not good


        to DVD? or will it fit on CD?


    Do you have book or electronic one? I much prefer now to have it on my phone although some people like to swap physical vouchers from the book. Having done both, I have definitely used it more on the APP version as you can check when you are in a location very quickly..as opposed to searching through the book. Although if you have friends with a book living opposite side of the city, swapping can be quite beneficial..Hope that helps. BTW even if you have the physical book you can use the app to locate places to use it..you`ll just need to have the voucher with you.


    for the meals mainly but also a lot of attractions with the kids.
    we just have the normal book.