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Big W Melbourne QV: A Pair of Laser Lightning Cables for $7


They are Lightning cables by Laser. I know, it's not a popular brand and it is listed as charging only. There is no mention of which iOS is compatible with. Not sure if Big W would take a return the package was opened. It does say money back guarantee though on the packaging.

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  • There is no mention of which iOS is compatible with.

    No DRM chip, so limited use, same as a $2 cable from eBay etc.
    You want Apple? Buy their $50 cable.

  • I bough these last week for $10.00 and they work fine- I can sync iphone on pc no problem- and they are the long 2m usb cables

    • Will work for now until the next update

      • Yep, next update will render these useless.

        I've had Ebay cables for years around the house, and all of a sudden they ALL stop working all at once in a matter of weeks after updating phones and iPads. Apple doing it on purpose for sure.

        These $7 cables aren't work more than $1 considering they aren't "made for iPhone" cables with the genuine chips inside.

  • Not that cheap for absolute basic cables.

  • Would probably wait out and go for one MFI certified cable when they pop up from time to time.

  • I use these cables on the iPhone X, iPhone 7 and a few iPads. Mainly used at work for “staff” who loose their initial cable. No errors.

    The MFI 2m ones we used to get dont work on the iPhoneX but ok on rest…

  • Scanning at full price on register

  • Yes, I was the last person buying them. They were scanned $10. After complaining, the staff at the electronics honored the $7 as listed. Then, he ripped up the $7 price tag on the rack. Please, mark this as expired