This was posted 6 months 19 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

expired Coleman Elite Weathermaster 8 - Exclusive to Snowys @ $369.90 Delivered


Coleman Elite Weathermaster 8 Family tent - exclusive to Snowys.

Quality large family dome tent with integrated lighting at a bargain price!

Snowys Outdoors

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    Any other deals on the Coleman Traveller 3P dome tent?


    I have a coleman 3 room tent and it's brilliant. The built in lights is novel.

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      The Weathermasters have been available to all retailers previously and are a recent exclusive line to Snowys.

      As far as we're aware, Coleman has not shipped the Weathermaster 8 to Australia for the past few years - so the BCF product would have been a clearance item as the banner suggests.

      The eBay link was last updated in August 2017 - and it seems you cant actually currently purchase the product.

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    look for a tent
    thanks for sharing


    Is this an instant-up tent?


      This one is a dome-style tent - so you have to pop the poles together, then place them through the sleeves of the tent. This will take a little longer and is a little more fiddly than an Instant Up tent!

      Here's a link to our Coleman Instant Up tents, if you wanted something a little easier! -


        @coreyfromsnowys Any advice on the Instant Northstar Dark Room 10P Tent vs Instant Up Gold 10P Tent?

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          The Northstar is a larger tent and is 3 rooms - meaning you can sleep on either side of the tent and have your living space in the center. The Instant Up 10p is only two rooms.

          The Instant Up 10p will be slightly easier to erect and is also a sturdier design.

          Give us a buzz if you like (1300 914 007) and we can explain the above and run through any other differences :)

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          My wife and I bought the Northstar darkroom (from Snowys no less) late last year for a week long trip to Wilson's prom and cannot recommend it (or the service from Snowys) enough. We have a young child who has trouble napping during the day if it isn't dark enough and it was great for him. It held up fine to some pretty rough and typical prom weather as well. It is pretty easy to erect (I did it myself in the rain within 5 minutes), and has good ventilation around the bottom sections in both bedrooms. It packs up into the supplied bag without a problem when done as well. The only (obvious) drawback is that it is super dark inside during the day so you will need a torch to find stuff

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          [@ebosh] Thanks! That's what I was wanting to hear. I had seen a couple of other brands in store and they were flimsy (not tied down, so not a good representation) to the point i decided not to buy.

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          @Slippage: It is sometimes a little hard to tell how sturdy a tent is going to be when not pegged out correctly.

          90% of the strength in a tent comes from pegging out correctly - and using all guy ropes and tie down points available :)


    OP - Any chance of a further discount on


      The Mojave 4 is at our Every Day low price - so this is the best we can do. We're confident you wont find it cheaper with free delivery!


    How is the support on parts for this OP? I bought an Blackwolf on heavy discount about 16 months ago and when I rang up chasing a full set of replacement poles Snowys told me Blackwolf had no parts remaining. Not Negged because it was a good experience, but still, I am having to buy poles out of China and pull sections out to try and fix it up…


      Coleman are generally very good with replacements for their products. Realistically - on a tent like this, the only user replaceable parts (besides of course a whole fly or inner) would be the poles. The good news, is the poles are a common size and we actually sell these in a pack - so I dont think replacing these would ever be an issue.

      In regards to full sets of replacement poles - manufacturers often dont stock full sets at all actually, as it's easy to swap out one pole section if a breakage occurs. Of course - if a full set is lost or misplaced, this can be tricky.

      Out of interest - which Black Wolf tent did you have and what poles did you need?


        It is a Scorpion 4, I spoke to an operator during the Great Vic Bike Ride (last week in Nov). The poles started to split at the ferrules, one, then the other. I spot-taped every joint and was able to limp it along for 10 days, but now every pole has at least one stuffed joint. The lengths don't match up to anything on eBay exactly, but like I say, I can pull sections and get to within 150mm…


    I have a lot of Coleman gear including cookers, duel fuel light and single cooker , sleeping bags etc.. Try and find the Coleman Shellite with rust inhibitor around for there duel fuel gear,I used it rather than petrol,I understand this is a tent but I won't buy there gear anymore,I have to throw away my shower because they cannot source a pump for it, I cannot get one on eBay, it's about 10 years old but still works (tested using brother in law's shower) apart from the spares they no longer do…
    I'm not sure why Coleman are trashing there own brand, maybe where not a big enough market for them.
    So I'm buying other brands like Primus,Oztrail,Darche etc..
    Just something to think about… They used to be great that's why I supported them.

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      We sell the Coleman Camp fuel here at Snowys - unfortunately, we cant ship this though due to it being flammable - as you can imagine!

      Coleman back's up their product well - and carries spare parts for most products, even well after manufacturing ceases. Its not unusual however, for manufacturers to not make new parts for items 10+ years old. It just wouldn't be viable.

      That aside - I think I may have one here for you. I'd like to confirm it's the right one though! Please flick me an email - (ATTN: Corey) with a photo of your current pump (or your brother in law's?) and if its the same I can get this shipped out to you!

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        Hi Corey
        I cannot for the life of me find the Coleman fuel here in Melbourne. Rays used to stock it,Anaconda don't….I might be able to get a friend in Adelaide to bring me some over, although now I'm thinking about using gas only…

        Thanks for the offer mate, I bought an Oztent Table Chair off you guys about 8 months ago now. It's been great.. I've also been looking at the Primus 20,000btu cooker with great reviews… Your store has a great reputation..

        I'll be in touch about the pump I'm not at home yet…

        Cheers mate

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