Debit Cards - That have No Monthly Fees and International Fees

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I have a question. Does anybody knows any banks that have a debit cards that doesn't charge monthly fees and international transaction fee?
I'm a student

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  • International transactions?

    Citibank is my recommendation for that

  • Cards with No Overseas Transaction Fees

    Citibank Plus Bank Account
    Macquarie Transaction Account
    ING Direct Orange Everyday Account

  • Yes, the Citibank Plus account is a free debit card with fee free international cash withdrawals and transfers/transactions.

    • Withdrawals are only fee free when using their ATM network though.

      • No, they are fee free for any cash withdrawals overseas. For withdrawals in Australia you want to use their ATM's or the Westpac/St George network ATM's or CBA for that matter as they are now fee free for anyone.

        • No, when using it overseas you can incur local fees.

        • @c0balt: Incorrect. Have used Citibanks card extensively throughout Europe and Asia and never paid any fee.

        • @CLoSeR:

          Been to Thailand? I was there last year and had a 150 baht fee to withdraw cash using my citibank card at any ATM that was not Citibank provided. So I went to a Citibank ATM to avoid the local fee.

          The same in Israel a few months ago, only they don't even have Citibank there, so when I wanted to withdraw cash there was a ~$5 fee each time.

        • @c0balt: I've never used a Citibank ATM overseas; have always just sticked to the majors and there are no fees.

          Citibank aren't charging the fees you have described in Thailand; it's the local bank and you'll get hit regardless of card used by the sound of it. Last time I went to Thailand which was several years ago now and I didn't pay a fee but it sounds like the local banks are now hitting everyone with 200baht per transaction.

        • @CLoSeR:

          Hence why I said it's only fee free when using their ATM network (otherwise you can incur local fees).

          You definitely would have paid a local fee for doing cash withdrawals at a non Citibank ATM in Thailand. It's been a long standing practice there since before I first went in 2010. Back then the best card to have was the NAB debit gold card which used to be fee free (if a certain amount was deposited each month, but could swap $5 between savings and transaction many times over which would count as deposits) and had free travel insurance if you paid for things for the trip when still in Australia like plane tickets. Still had to pay the local ATM fees when overseas, though.

          I got a lot of value out of that card :)

        • @c0balt: What about the foreign exchange rate. Is ING the same as Citibank? If they are different this adds to the cost.

          This would be nice to know given your experience with both cards

          BTW on another matter it appears that ING are making this ATM fee refund a little harder. Each month you

          from 1 March 2018, also make at least 5 non-cash purchases using ING debit or credit card

        • @RockyRaccoon:

          I've never had an ING account. Back when they had the paypass refund, ME Bank also had it and I signed up with them for that promotion (they also gave away $50 if a certain amount was deposited). Also I know the local bank manager (Westpac) so I'm able to get a better than advertised rate on my savings account so I never really had the need to go with ING for their better advertised rates.

          I should look into getting an ING card though. When travelling if I could get refunded all the local ATM fees it would add up to a bit - and I do plan on travelling a bit this year. If the exchange rate is as good as Citibank then that’s potentially hundreds of dollars per year saved depending on where I travel.

          Citibank was equal to the XE exchange rate. When traveling in Singapore and Bangkok I would use Citibank ATMs so I would get the best rate possible and not have to pay any local ATM fees. This is not the case in places like Phuket where most places don't take Visa, and there's no Citibank ATMs - so it's a bit under $10AUD fee to use any ATM in Phuket per cash withdrawal.

      • "Withdrawals are only fee free when using their ATM network though."

        Withdrawals are fee free when using any ATM where the local operator doesn't charge a fee. In some countries, it is free when using most ATMs. In other countries, it is only when using the Citibank ones.

    • If you can get over the hurdles, ING is the best IMHO.

      Was in Japan the other week, and the local ATM fee is usually about 200 yen. ING refunded me the fee every time :D

      I used to use the Citibank plus card when overseas. Though it was fee free on Citibank side, I had to stomach the local fee in most countries. E.g. Canada (HSBC was only CA$2, where most charged CA$5), US (I managed to find a CitiBank ATM in SanFran though) US$2.50, Thailand 200baht, Sri Lanka - 400Rs, Japan 200yen, NZ NZ$2. Withdrawals in Europe were mostly fee free.

      • Which ATM did you use in enZed? Pretty sure it was free with Westpac ATM using my Citibank card last year.

        • ANZ I think. Most of the time I wouldn't bother looking for another ATM when I'm already at the last stage of cash withdrawal. I'll just accept the fees and get the money.
          On the other hand, if I had prior knowledge that Westpac was free, I'll look for one.

          But I'm now so happy ING is refunding any and all fees. No more walking around looking for free ATMs, as all visa capable ATMs in the world are fee free :P

          Currently, I have scheduled transfers to qualify for them rebates, which is automated. From March you only need less than 5 mins in front of a computer (per month) to jump through hurdles.

        • @FirstWizard: oh transfers qualify as a transaction?

        • @BoomTetrisForJeff: if you use PayPal to transfer :P

          But you incur a 1% transaction fee for using a debit card. So send few cents to some mates.

          I did some reading, and theoretically, Paypal transactions are classified as purchases. Gotta wait till March to try it.

          Unfortunately, you can't automate PayPal payments.

        • @FirstWizard:
          Wonder if i can schedule 5x Bpay payment of 1 cent to an utility account. Anyone knows if this counts as purchases?

        • @redforever: I don't think so. T&C's say they should be card purchases, and BPay does not qualify as card purchases as they are paid through your account, not the Card.

          However, if you use Auspost billpay( to pay the utility bill using your debit card, that may count.

      • Also in the US 7/11 stores have the citibank ATM and they are rather plentiful

  • my mistake

  • qantas cash Earn 1.5 Qantas Points for every $1 spent in foreign currency.Earn 1 Qantas Point for every $4 of eligible spend in AUD1. No monthly fees and fee-free load options. No domestic ATM fees, 11 currencies available including Australian dollars. Mastercard paypass.

    wait a minute
    Id check qantas points I bought in ebay australia total 968 my points is 968 so it is the same.

    • for their online mall shopping deals like ebay its 1 qantas points = $1 but for domestic transaction 1 qantas = $4

  • Merged from CitiBank Plus Bank Account or Macquarie Transaction Account?

    Both are very similar in terms of features so I need help on deciding on which bank I should go with. I'm the type of person to make purchases online about once a month whether it's domestic or international. A debit card that has no monthly/annual fees, no international transaction fees, and no upfront fees (Basically a card that doesn't have any fees what so ever). Since I'm still a student and not working full time, every cent matters due the increase of living standards in Sydney.

    • Macquarie, better website and easier to sign up for (need to visit an Australia Post in person to verify identity for CitiBank).

  • I am flying out to Europe in June and did some research last night and bumped into new bank boarding on “international debit card” train.

    Looks like you can lock in money on currencies when rate is good before going and no FX fees.
    Also I don’t think any requirements to have the account and no monthly fee.

    Will apply today and provide updates! Has anyone else tried?

    • Bank rate is always lower than the rate given by the payment processor (Visa/Master) on any given day. The only advantage you get is if you actively monitor and lock-in a better rate in advance.

      I'm interested to know if the rate they give for on the spot conversions from AUD to foreign currency is the bank rate or the Visa rate. Though I think it's likely the Visa rate, the statement "Outside of business hours the transfer will be processed the next Banking Day." makes me think otherwise.

  • I just got the account opened and converted. It’s giving me 1 aud = 0.6204 euro. I think that’s pretty decent because google gave me 0.64 euro and I know that’s whole sale. At least I think better than exchanging @ Travelex.

    I haven’t received the debit card hopefully next week and I would try to use it online to check the scheme rate. I think should be controlled by scheme. But let’s see!

    • So the Visa rate you'd get for today(26/02/2018) (if you used ING debit card, ANZ travel Adventures CC) would be AU$1 = 0.6345€ source

      Master card rate (Citibank Plus Debit, Bankwest Zero Plat CC, 28 Degrees CC, Macquarie bank TXN debit) AU$1 = 0.6329€ source

      • I checked just now, 1 euro with the bank buys 1.53 aud where the visa website says 1 euro is buying 1.57 aud.

        I think the spread is pretty good? At least I can lock some money now with better rate just in case AUD drops! Where we as this when aud was $1 usd!!

        • Yeah, the trick is to buy the currency in advance and hope the AUD to fall, which may or may not happen. And the uncertainty would kill me ;)

          I would rather keep my money in the bank for the remaining 4months, which makes 1% in interest, and convert at 2% better than bank at the point of sale.

          Remember to use a different card if you forget to convert in advance. You'd get a lower rate for their on the spot conversion