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iPhone X 256GB Space Grey $1694 or Silver $1679 Delivered [HK Stock] @ Becextech


same deal posted on ob 2 days ago. That did very well but I noticed it is now expired. I did the officeworks price best so it’s confirmed working on this site as well

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    price beats aren't bargains

    and this retailer is guilty of same/similar issues


    EDIT: I notice they are ignoring the conditions of the undertaking and still haven't listed the country the stock was sourced from

    http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-replies.cfm?t=961469 - this product is HK stock

    https://www.ozbargain.com.au/forum/becextech.com.au - oh dear oh dear oh dear

    • Wow! Proper smackdown from the ACCC

  • Getting in as comment number 2 before the other 1000 people comment and fight over whether this deal should be posted or not.

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    Some interesting comments on Whirlpool and lots of them.

    Caution people.

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    People are getting very lucky to get OW to match, all of these deals are not AUS stock. The cheapest I can find for AU Stock is $1,799 Here.

    • I don't think OW policy needs it to be 'AUS stock' (a poor policy from management point). It just needs to be an Australian retailer even without a physical brick & mortar store. They just add delivery cost to the product selling price when pricebeating.

      • Doesn't this come from Hong Kong though? I was under the impression that the only stock they send in aus was their A-Tick stock and warranty completed in aus? Similar to any other grey importer.

        • It may, but OW doesn't care (unknowingly I guess)

        • @ozibargainer:

          That's what I mean by getting lucky.. Head office would reject it, but in store staff don't seem to mind. Someone said in the other thread that HO is sending out notices to reject price matches now.

        • @ozibargainer: depends on the staff member but they didn’t check properly.

      • It needs to be an identical model to what they sell. They don’t sell grey imports.

      • They've told me unless Australian warranty is included, they don't price match it. So grey importers like Kogan are off limits.

  • I went to the officeworks near my place to ask the price match. For iPhone X they do not do price match in the store, they ask me to call the head office and i called no one answer the phone, I left message and still have not get any reply. :(

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      I might've missed it but where in their T&Cs does it mention that the customer must call HO to get a price beat??

      As a matte of fact, to satisfy my curiosity I had a look on the OW website and found this:

      How do I obtain the 5% reduction?

      It’s as easy as 1,2,3. You can obtain the PBG by visiting your local Officeworks store or by calling 1300 OFFICE (1300 633 423). You cannot obtain the PBG via our online store.

      Edit: As a matter of fact, their own website states the opposite -

      What about online stores?

      Our PBG includes products at competitor’s online stores but, as with any other kind of store, the item must be identical and in stock. When assessing the PBG from online stores we also take into account the added cost of delivery to your location (if any). If the identical, in stock product can be purchased and delivered to your location via an online store for a total price lower than the one we are offering, we will beat that total price by 5%.

      For further information please visit your local Officeworks store and they will be able to assist you with your query.

      • They don't consider an item identical if it doesn't include ACL warranty you'd get from local stock. And if it doesn't include band 28 or other features some import phones don't have.

  • I got price match in store.

    • You got OW to price match a grey import?

      • Yeah

  • Id be very wary of buying from over there I got done a few years back, site looked real ligit it wasn't.

  • Do they no longer charge $75 for shipping?

  • Does this price include duties and import tax? Would a price beat add those to the price?

    If it doesn't include duties, it's cheaper to buy locally.

  • Got my price match as well. Just a reminder that this is a price matching bargain, not an outright bargain from the seller listed in the description. I got mine for $1580 when apple retail price is $1829. A 13.5% discount. Also paid with AMEX for points.

  • Anyone know if Officeworks counts as a "Department Store" (Obviously not supermarket or servo) for CBA Diamond Awards Points?
    Not sure whether to use American Express or Mastercard.


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