Qantas vs Singapore Airlines. What would you pick?

Flying Melbourne to Singapore. Discount economy. :( so no upgrades available. Have the usual qantas and velocity frequent flyer memberships.

Would you pick qantas or Singapore Airlines for the overnight flight?

Please vote but also give feedback as to why you choose one over the other?


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    Singapore Airlines


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    Singapore Air every single time!

    Qantas is always late, as a result I've missed my connecting flight three times last year, twice I made it but not my luggage.
    Qantas staff are ruuuuuude.

    I'm conscious of my building blood pressure right now, so will just leave it at that.

    • Haven't experienced the ruuuuuude bit, but we recently flew back from Hawaii, via Sydney - because although Jetstar can do this direct to Melbourne Qantas can't - we missed the connecting flight back from Sydney to Melbourne because it took so long for our luggage to hit the carousel. The next flight was delayed by nearly 2 hours due to aircraft and weather issues in Melbourne. When we flew out of Melbourne to go to Hawaii, on Jetstar, we had a nearly 6 hour delay due to - wait for it - aircraft and weather issues in Melbourne.

      Qantas is, generally, my go to airline but I'm beginning to question my loyalty to them. Their people are generally good but I am questioning the airlines reliability.

      • we recently flew back from Hawaii, via Sydney - because although Jetstar can do this direct to Melbourne Qantas can't - we missed the connecting flight back from Sydney to Melbourne because it took so long for our luggage to hit the carousel.

        So it sounds like you have an issue with Jetstar, not Qantas.

        • No the return flight was all on Qantas. Qantas from Hawaii to Sydney and then from Sydney to Melbourne.

        • @try2bhelpful:

          So why were you collecting luggage in Sydney? They should have booked it right through to Melbourne for you.

        • @ThirdRonnie: coming off international flights you have to pick up your luggage and carry it through customs. You then take it around to the counter that leads to the area for transport to the domestic terminal to be sent through to domestic. The flight had closed by the time we got to the counter. The lady was really nice, and rebooked us, but we were too late for the initial flight, then the next flight was significantly delayed on its original time.

  • Considering both are direct flight, then SQ. They have better food and service.

  • Qantas stewardesses are hags with matching attitude.

    • The Sydney economy cabin crew are horrible, if you want a display of this, watch a documentary they made about the A380 and the flight to Dallas that was on Channel Nine a few years ago, it was supposed to be a promotional Doco for the airline, but they come across as self involved, rude, arrogant and passive agressive, they make it all about them, if you ask for something they roll their eyes and carry on like they are put out.

    • ever been on a qantas flight which is a code share with BA? new level of hags and attitude……

      singapore for sure!!!

  • I think you'll find the SQ flights are better planes (newer cleaner interior), as well as the cabin crew on SQ are more friendly and tolerant.
    SQ has far better food, tray with salad, dessert, bread, cheese/cracker, ice cream and main.
    QF small tray for main, one piece of bread on your food cover, ice cream. Downside is QF makes it feel like McDonalds with everything being disposable except the tray.
    Even the snack feels really cheap.

    Both are 30kg baggage for econ.

    Ive used SQ for so many years business and econ and I only use QF for direct flights or to redeem my points, last Business with QF was gross felt like i needed to disinfect after i got off, the gap between seat and window had so much crap felt sick

  • Qantas if you want the points, Singapore if you want the better economy experience. Personally I don't mind Qantas, haven't had many really bad experiences with them and the points are useful. Always enjoyed flying Singapore too but I focused my points on Qantas.

    • agree with this.
      Like singapore air but have been using qantas alot recently partly due to points. But they have been pretty good IMO.

    • Krisflyer points are often more valuable for redemption purposes (Qantas has crazy taxes)

      But you have to be careful with the 3 year fixed expiry date with Krisflyer and its generally more difficult to accumulate and spend due to geographical distance

      • The Krisflyer 3 year is the thing to watch but if you're happy to use Virgin domestically (or other partner airlines OS), then you can roll the points out (or back in alternatively).

        • Too much points losses converting Krisflyer to Velocity and vice versa

          Velocity is fairly easy to earn in Australia (with frequent 15% conversion bonuses offers). Earn Velocity and spend on Virgin. Limited international network.. but point requirements are fairly low and so are taxes.

        • @Thrawn:

          Very true, but if it's between that and losing them to the 3 yr time limit, it's another option rather than enduring Qantas :)

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    I voted for SQ as have always had better experiences on their flights. This is particularly so when flying into Singapore. From memory they offer discounts around Singapore for passengers.
    Also have a look at the 'Changi Transit Programme' from SQ which might apply.

    It might also be worth checking on the plane types that each fly on your route / flight. Some planes are better than others, particularly if an overnight flight as you mention when the food quality may be offset by a better seat / quieter flight etc.

  • ignore delay complaints, generally can't be helped. Its also got to do with airport ground crew not just the airline.

    Singapore has the better service reputations.

    What you want to actually do is, find out the flight numbers and check it again

    Here you can check what type of plane you're on and the seat size.

    ie Jetstar is a horrible experience, but I would book with them if the flight is on the dreamliner, bigger seats, more comfortable.

  • Whichever is cheaper.

  • Singapore.

  • Emirates opperating an A380 betwen MLB & SIN.
    Fares from $618 return on selected dates on Webjet.
    A few bucks more if booking direct

    • Unfortunately they didn't come up as an option from the corporate travel office.


        Do you use Serko, Corporate Traveler, or something like that?

      • If you really wanted to use emirates & donate money to their base cult, they code share with QANTAS. It's just a matter of checking the flight details to see which QF flight you can book that is actually an EK flight.

  • Qantas vs Singapore airlines = Singapore
    Qantas vs Cathay pacific = cathay pacific
    Qantas vs japan airlines = japan airlines flew ANA to haneda this year pretty damn good
    Qantas vs virgin to LA = virgin

  • Singapore any day

  • Singapore!
    Also although points are poor you can still get some decent status credits to Velocity

  • I love the food and especially the snacks Qantas gives you.

    But Singapore still has better seats, and given you are flying to Singapore, their hub airport, I'd take Singapore airlines.

  • I am frequent qantas flyer and lounge member… Singapore is on another level. Go Singapore even on discount economy.

  • Singapore with the greatest of preference. We have done a few QF of late as she who demands obeyance wants direct flights, but I will usually take SQ unless timing doesn't permit.

  • Singapore Slings are worth it. Every time.

  • I have flower with both and found the services staff and comfort was better with Singapore.

  • Being Asian living in Australia, I never had good experience with Qantas. One trivial example on top of other bad services; when we are leaving the Qantas plane (sin-syd), the departure stewards & stewardesses will always have a smile, say goodbye and see you again to the whites. I am right behind and when I pass, they pretend not to see me and go on to the next white behind me. This happens many times. I wow never to fly Qantas anymore. Qantas services are abysmal. In my observation, Singapore Air never have this attitude to anyone, irrespective where you travel.

  • I will always pick SIA - aside from the fact that living in Adelaide, they offer far superior flight schedules and connections than QANTAS (not a problem for you, I understand), their service and accommodations for people with varying needs is truly exceptional. QANTAS peeved me off a few years ago when I requested a different meal and as a result, I got some slop. Staff have been nice but it's the systematic stuff - accommodating for children, people with disabilities (like not openly telling you about disability discounts etc, even when you ask). That stuff just annoys.

    SIA have never been like that. Aside from the changes to KrisFlyer which I didn't like (but I understood), they can never do enough for you. If you select a Kosher or Diabetic meal, it's as good as the 'normal' meal. They understand about comfort on long haul flights from managing newborns to allowing people to get up and exercise on the plane. I even remember having a Flight Attendant coming to check on me half way over the Indian Ocean as she was concerned I hadn't slept.

    /rant but I will pay extra - hundreds even - for quality and comfort in service every time.

  • Singapore Airlines anytime, better planes and way better onboard service.

    I'm a (self proclaimed) aviation enthusiast and fly local three to four times a year, international twice a year guaranteed, have flown Qantas thrice and decided never again.

    They may have the best pilots but the most arrogant, rude, self-centred, insular cabin staff I have ever encountered in 32 years of flying.

  • We would always chose Singapore Airways over Qantas.
    Staff on Qantas are arrogant to the point of rudeness with definite attitude issues. Same with BA. They seem to think their Airlines are a cut above all others.
    We usually fly business or first - so to receive this rudeness, dismissive attitude is totally unacceptable.
    The only other airlines that could beat their terrible customer service are American Airlines, Olympic & the other one over there whose name I’ve forgotten.
    Would chose any of the Asian, emirates, Qatar airlines whenever possible.

  • Going against the grain… I prefer Qantas to Singapore. Always thought SQ is overrated

    SQ planes tends to be packed full… they get great feeds from India, Europe, etc.. so generally they're always full at any season. Their A380s/777 have rather dated interiors now. Qantas A330 interiors are very recently completely refurbished and they have a 2-4-2 configuration which is pretty sweet for a widebody. SQ A380s in particular feels like a cattle bus

    Food wise I prefer QF.. more Australian style which I prefer and sometimes they get pretty creative. Singaporean style asian dish not so great usually. Qantas have assorted snacks available as well to on request.

    Stewards. Some QF staff are lively and quite engaging (especially the Asian staff you usually get on Asian routes). SQ tends to be by the book and feels a bit "fake". Not a big deal for me.. I don't have much expectation and even on J-class with various airlines I don't find it markedly better usually.

  • I flew qantas for the first time going to Beijing, can I just say the food is just plain rubbish…I avoided air china because of their food and next minute qantas topped that lol…never again. Singapore airline is the best!

  • My trip to Europe in 2016 - Canberra - Sydney - Dubai: Qantas - absolute misery. Rude staff, squashed in the middle row behind seat recliner - just awful. Dubai to Rome: Emirates - absolute bliss. Polite staff, room to move, nice food - completely different experience.
    London to Sydney - Canberra non-stop: Qantas - see above. They also wouldn’t give me any food once they’d turned the lights out - ‘didn’t see me’. 😡

    I’ve also flown Singapore Airlines to Singapore, Hong Kong and return to Sydney. A similar experience to Emirates. Polite staff, decent food, etc.