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Certified Madgiga Type-C Cable US $1.25 (~AU $1.64), 8 Pin Lightning Cable for US $1.69 (~AU $2.21), Free Shipping @ Zanbase


The brand is Madgiga. These cables are certified by USB-IF . The quality and compatibility are guaranteed.

Madgiga Type-C Cable AU$1.64,88% off:

Madgiga Lightning Cable AU$2.21, 83% off

Cancel the shipping insurance and get free shipping. If you can not cancel the shipping insurance, please change another browser or device to try it again.

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  • Are these mfi certified

  • Who certify those cables?



    • USB-IF is a non-profit organization made up of companies that facilitate the development of high quality USB products and compliance testing. Details on usb.org

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      Who certify those cables?

      someone who has been certified

    • They are certified by Madgiga as being from Madgiga. If that's not enough for you I don't know what to tell you!

  • Prices listed in title do not include compulsory shipping insurance. Why can I not remove shipping insurance. This almost doubles the price so totally not needed.


      you can cancel the shipping insurance and get it for free shipping

      • No I can't. Tick box will not untick. Please check your web ordering page after return from paypal.


          you can remove the shipping insurance when review the order( before placing the order). Can you? maybe you can try it again.

        • @marktuwin:

          Sorry but tick box for shipping insurance will not untick on my review page. Tried several times. Might work for you on your special OS and browser but not for me. Just not worth spending any more time on this dodgy website.


          @rifter: sorry for that. But many customers are successful.

        • @marktuwin: I too can not remove shipping insurance - tried review the order

        • @rifter:
          Just ordered on my phones browser (Chrome) and could uncheck tick box no dramas. Might be worth trying a different browser?


          @chrisie: What OS did you use? We tried all the PC and many smart phones without this issue.

        • @Schmatt:

          Works on Chrome from W10 build 16299.192. Does not untick from IE11 from W10 build 16299.192. Both set behind a reasonable secure firewall.


          @rifter: Thanks. If who can not untick the insurance, please change a browser to try again. We can do better because of your supports.

        • @marktuwin: Worked using IE 11 not MS Edge also if you click on the word "Add" in shipping insurance instead the check box it works.

  • There is one thing about Type C cables that can tell you a lot.

    Check the construction of the C connector.

    If it is a solid piece the cable is generally of high durable quality.

    If it has a join in it (this one does), it is made from lower quality pressed metal sheet.

    For the price this can be forgiven, but it's strange that a USB-IF certified cable is made to a low standard.

    • The only cable I have found with no seam is blitz wolf I believe. I don't have my Samsung cable with me but I don't think it is seamless?

      • A lot of the bundled cables have the pressed seam, just cheaper in volume I guess. My LG certainly did.

        I have two other cables that came solid, one from ZTE and one from Orico.

        Of course this has no bearing on what the cable delivers electronically, just general durability and construction.


      Hi, I'm sorry to hear that. It is not made from lower quality pressed metal sheet. The feedback from customers who have bought are good.
      The cable is verified by USB-IF and the made by professional manufacturer.

  • The welcome code for 10% off does not work.

  • Woah another GearBest, LightInTheBox, Zapals, competitor to monitor on OZB….. 0_P