Changing Broadband, Landline & Email Carrier

We have been with Telstra for landline, broadband & email for over 2 decades. Also had Foxtel until last year, when we purchased “ a different form of receiving programs f.o.c. - which works to a certain degree”
However Telstra have now informed us that our monthly bill will rise by $20 we no longer qualify for the bundle discount. This will be implemented end of Jan.
So we are going to cut the ties with them & move on. Question is - who to ? Looking @ IINet where we can get Netflix etc. as well. TPG has no carrier availability in our area. NPN isn’t even worth mentioning.
Do any of you have any suggestions? We have to keep a landline as live in the hills in Perth - mobiles are useless unless you wander up & down the street ( another gripe, but I digress)
Any recommendations on a well priced company who offer all the benefits ( including free calls to 1300 numbers) would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance - know a lot of you out there can help.


  • What's your NBN situation?

    Mobiles does not work for all carriers?

  • Not allowed to access NBN they have stopped accepting any new customers until all the problems are fixed 🤪
    Not looking for new mobile carrier. Need landline, internet, email - it’s just a question of which company to choose for the most benefits.

  • how is the service from tls? good, ok or bad?

  • Hoping to find one company for all internet,landline & email. - just to clarify.
    Don’t need new mobile carrier. None of them work properly - even though all their towers are only 4 kms up the road.😤
    Thanks again.

  • Do you mean Telstra? - If so, We have not been happy with them for a long time. Feel they’ve let us stagnate as long term customers. When I’ve rung to query any better deals, have had to speak to a person overseas whose English leaves a lot to be desired, over a not very good phone connection. They also hang out the call taking up much of my time. I’ve asked in the past to speak to someone in Australia, but that was in the too hard basket.

  • I can 100% recommend iinet. I have been with them one way or another since 1997 and they have been great (bar my current NBN woes, which are NBN co's problem by the look of it).
    IInet has good plans, but they have excellent customer support. They will also upgrage your plans now and then without you having to hasstle them for it, you just get an email saying that your quota has been increased to whatever.
    There are probably other suppliers as good, but i don't think you will go wrong with iinet.
    I work in IT for a living. Just stay the hell away from Dodo and telstra, they are at the other end of the spectrum.

  • i think there are local telcos in Perth, you should ask Spackbace. Otherwise the TPG/iiNet people are good. maybe try Buzz Telco or MyRepublic lol, do some searching on Whirlpool and your neighbours for your area.

  • if you want great CS then go with

    I have them for NBN and they are excellent!!! very customer service orientated and all the reps are Aussies living in Australia!!! Though sometimes you have to wait 15 mins to reach them, but they will help you fix or address any issues you have. And they do not follow scripts, they are genuine Techs who are customer service reps and they truly trouble shoot with you in English.

  • Thank you to you all for your advice. We have finally decided on iiNet- who were so helpful & have very reasonable packages. Should receive in a couple of weeks.
    Broke the news to Telstra yesterday ( a lovely lady in the Phillipines-I think) & found out they’ve overcharged us apx. $200 in the past year, which will now be credited! All this apx. 3 hours of time sorting, staying on line & having to ask her to repeat to me as I unfortunately could not understand her accent too well - embarrassing.
    NBN will not be available in our area until at least the end of March - but after watching “ A Current Affair” last night, don’t think that will phase us too much !
    Thanks again all of you - esp. fenric. Cheers 😊