NSW FuelCheck Free fuel price check app

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Technically not a deal but a big money saver.

Accidentally found this free NSW government published app which shows the fuel prices in real time, highlighting the cheapest one on the map. I saved 10 bucks today just by driving 1km from my usual woolies servo which I thought is saving me money with their 4c discounts.

I feel ashamed as an Ozbargainer for not knowing about this before so decided to share it here even though I might be breaching a few deal posting rules :)

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    petrol spy is my fav. i use for map as well!

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      I do too but it doesn't seem to work well on my Xiaomi…




    Could've used the NRMA app, or just simply went to the actual NSW fuelcheck website and use the web app.


    Been using this for a while. The best features for me are:

    (1) setting a favourite servo and getting notified when the their price goes down
    (2) finding the cheapest petrol along a route (you get to choose max detour distance)


    Is there an equivalent for something like this in QLD?