Best Wi-Fi Extender around $30


Anybody have any opinions on this wifi extender?
or is there a better one at a similar price point. I am getting weak signal at my granny flat and upstairs so I would like to buy multiple.

I have tpg nbn50 and HG659 router



  • Any plug into the wall type are no good. They overheat too fast and signal will become unstable. Then within a year most will die.
    Spend the extra $$ and get a proper one

  • Appreciate the response. Where do the other ones plug into? Got any recommendations?

  • The Xiaomi WiFi extender 2, is working well for me. I have it working in a spot the often reaches 40 degrees in the day. I have had it for a few months. I agree that the plug in the wall types are problematic. I expect that this will outlast others as it plugs into a USB charger. I think their power circuits fail. I operate my Xiaomi 24/7. Should cost around $10 from or Zapals. A USB charger to go with it is available at for under $5 with au pins.