New Phone - Needed in Next Nine Days


Some scum stole my phone today so I need a new one.

Does anyone know of any good android phone deals that can be delivered in the next 9 days so I can claim TRS? Budget around 600 to 900.

Thanks so much.



    One thing dou, that might be something to be concerned about ( at least it is or me…)
    They published the top 5 phones with highest radiation level. Top 3 were Motorola, then alcaltel hat Huawei.


      Here is an excellent summary (from May 2016) of available information regarding cell phone radiation and human health, if you are interested.

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        It’s ok, there is an easy fix for that now.

        It’s universal and comes in a one size fits all…

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    You can track your stolen phone with Android device manager (for android) or icloud (for apple). This will only work if you have 4G enabled. You can also disable the phone by telling your provider to block the devices IMEI. Making the device useless.


      As soon as I lost it the thief turned off my phone. So I disabled my Sim and locked my phone remotely. They turned it on a couple hours later with my 4G enabled, where I assumed it locked itself. Hasn't been turned on since :( Couldn't track it cause my location services wasn't on.

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    Hi Op,

    You need to include a budget bracket.
    There were some threads on the best phones in a certain price range in the forums - a little bit old now but still applicable.