Has Anyone Ever Done Blucouriers.com.au for Extra Work?

Came across this today: https://blucouriers.com.au/. Anyone ever tried it for some extra cash?


Related Store: blucouriers.com.au



    No, but sounds good


    Definitely sounds interesting. Does anybody know what the $/parcel rate would be?


      From FAQs: How much will I earn as a Blu Courier?
      You’ll be paid on a per parcel basis, the more you deliver the more you’ll earn. Parcel rates vary per delivery, depending on the size of parcel and where and when you deliver. To find out more, apply now and we'll tell you all you need to know at an information and induction session.

      Bit annoying you have to sign up first to find out rates.


    I wonder how much it differs from being a Fastway delivery contractor "in reality". I'm assuming/hoping it would be much less stressful. My main problem with these Uber-like apps is that the companies say you're "free" but they can enforce unreasonable expectations and contractual changes at any time (e.g. algorithmically penalise you for not accepting jobs, lower reward per delivery). I know people that have become over-reliant/over-confident with these apps after raking it in for a few months and then find themselves lucky to get more than a few shifts.

    If you're interested in these types of "shared economy" courier jobs, you can also check out https://www.zoom2u.com.au/.

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