Buying a new coffee machine - Is now the time to buy?

Unfortunately i didn't come to the realisation that i want a coffee machine until after the flurry of pre-christmas and boxing day sales.

I'm looking for the BES920 + Smart Pro Grinder. If im not mistaken this is the same as the 'Dynamic Duo'?

HN has the BES920 for $799 and the grinder for $199, bringing it to a round $1000.

If i could get it for $900 i think i'd be happy.

Am thinking about buying tonight unless someone can speak otherwise!



    I purchased one from this guy on gumtree for $700 a bes920.
    He had another one but not sure if still had it since was Brand New and in Sydney.


    Just wondering how much percent off do coffee machine goes on when on sale?

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    Buy a rocket or go home


    Buy a cheap backup crapper one and wait till %20 off sales you'll need it if it ever goes in for repair anyway.


    I got it not so long ago w the same price+ 20% off in one of the ebay sale. U can wait until next sale if u rtight in budget, or go ahead if u just want to enjoy your coffe now. Few years down the track w thousands of coffee u brew, u wont even bother w those little ebay savings in the end.


    It's not that bad, but I got the 2 separately for a total of $800 (and then I paid for the 5 yr concierge at Good Guys). You could get it if you need it now though.


      What were individual prices for these and how did you nab such bargains?


        Ebay good guys 20% off. They've just had another one. The BES920 was $799 minus 20%=$640, the grinder $199 minus 20%=$160. Bing Lee usually have similar prices. I've had it about 3 months now, think it's worth the price if you enjoy good coffee and don't want to pay in the thousands of dollars.


    For those who have a coffee machine. . Does the coffee you make taste like cafe coffee i.e gloria jeans etc


      wayy better than that.


      Had mine for 2 months now.

      At the start: Absolutely not.

      Rather than sit down and learn ALL the theory behind pulling a good shot, I opted for the glaze over and just practice approach.

      2 Months in my machine is dialed in so that my coffees are consistently acceptable, with more and more making me smile. Its the gradual progression towards consistent perfection.

      I like that i can do it at home, sure it takes time to start up, grind, tamp, pull, clean, froth milk, clean but it sure beats wasting time walking to/waiting in a coffee shop to play roulette hoping for a barista that's paying attention/cares.

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