Mini NES Replica from Zapals

Purchased a mini NES chinese replica from Zapals. Worked for about 2 hours just in time to clock Double Dragon 2 and then controls went rendering it basically useless. In contact with Zapals customer service now to get refund or replacement. Very frustrating! Anyone else purchase one of these chines retro game consoles?


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    If you can return it, get a raspberry pi next time

    The mini NES is already sort-of fake (being emulated games), the Chinese knock off is just a fake of a fake. If you don't mind so much fakeness you may as well go rasp pi and have the ability to play way more games and do lots more stuff


      What's the input lag like if you run those raspberry pi as emulators?

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        I don't know, I use Wii/3DS for emulation which works great, but many people prefer rasp pi. There should be plenty of people using them in these forums that can tell you


      Will keep that in mind and have a look. Only thing is im not to savvy with setting tech stuff up so as long as its pretty straight forward.


        If you have an old Wii sitting around it is about as easy as it comes, setting it up (some files on the SD card, navigate through a couple of menus). You can also buy complete rasp pi kits on ebay but more $ (if you're not tech savvy you may prefer this option)


    Years ago I bought this bootleg famicom (famiclone?) from Subor. Still going strong today, but there are plenty of game duplicates. Like some are Mario in different colours.

    You get what you pay for with these kind of things. Getting a Raspberry Pi, Android Mini PC or even a gamepad like the GPD XD is a much better choice for emulation.

    Random fact of the day: Subor's founder created a company called BBK to create more famiclones and later started Oppo, OnePlus and Vivo.


    You can also buy loadable carts for an actual NES that you can download copies of your games onto and play them on the original hardware. I've done the Wii emulation and it's easy as Quantumcat says. You should be able to find a cheap Wii on gumtree etc.

    You can also hack the Mini SNES to run NES games etc really simply.


    ending swapping my NES orinal for a snes.

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