Original NES game console - what is it worth?

Wondering what I could expect to get if I was looking to sell?




    Join this Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/vgavaluations/ where knowledgeable people can give you an opinion or you can search previous posts. It depends what condition, if yellowed, what games it comes with, any original boxes etc.


    The console somewhere around $100 depends on the colour and if you have the original box

    Donkey kong 20-30

    Only gem is tmnt 2 arcade because of the silver that one is worth more - you could be somewhere $60-70 plus to way more if you have books and other stuff as is some similar sold for $50

    The others somewhere from 15-25 each

    As a box lot $200 to $250


    I probably wouldn't swap for a mini snes, as I'm pretty sure they're only about $119 and I reckon your pack is worth more. Seriously if I lived around you I'd swap my mini snes for it straight away.

    Other then that I'd go by qwerty numbers as well.

    I might be wrong but a little clean might make it a bit more attractive buy (next to the other nes on the site).


    Search eBay for item, tick "Sold" and then sort as you like and start clicking results and check users rating.

    Ignore anything from low feedback users (say under 20) as they're usually scams particularly if the price/item is too good to be true.


    swapped the NES for a snes mini. I was inundated with requests to swap probably should have asked more for it than a straight swap. All good the kids should enjoy it more than playing the NEs original system I had. Still hard to let go after 30 years of ownership

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