Mazda Dealer Servicing Unplugged Dash Cam

Went for the 10k service at a Mazda Dealer and found the dash cam power cable unplugged when collecting the car. No footage was captured. Is this common practice? Have others experienced this when servicing?

I’m not interested in spying on the mechanics when they work on the car, but more so when they take the car on public roads (Speed cameras, hooning etc.)

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    Maybe just ask them to plug the dashcam back in when they test drive it. I


    I leave my dashcam plugged in. Get some hilarious footage. Mostly from the guys who drive the car from parking to garage and vice versa. They tend to vocalise while they drive.

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    If you were the mechanic, would you want want to be recorded Or not recorded?.

    Yea, I wouldn't think so too.

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    Most dealerships these days are happy for the dash cam to remain plugged in - only those with something to hide usually have a sign up saying they should be disconnected/removed.

    I decided to check my dash cam footage once when collecting my car (XR6T) from a major dealership here in Perth after being serviced.

    It never even crossed my mind to bother looking at the footage until one day when I was waiting at reception to collect my car I could see someone giving it a boot full through the car park and the idiot almost hit another staff member who was driving their courtesy bus.

    I reviewed the dash cam footage when I got home and in addition to the mechanics driving the car like it was stolen I also discovered the guys who cleaned/vacuumed the car had been helping themselves to the $50 in coins I had in my centre console (emergency money) via the audio it picked up.

    I sent a formal complaint through to the service manager with a link to the video. They promptly gave one guy the sack and issued warnings to a further 2 staff members. They also asked for permission to use the video as part of their induction/training for new staff as an example of 'how not to behave in the workplace' and how you are always in the public eye.

    I also scored a voucher to the value of several hundred dollars for one of the top restaurants here to keep me happy (and quiet)


      Midway Ford by any-chance?

      Had a similar story when they serviced my FG X XR8 for it's 15000 KM service.

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      "Most dealerships these days are happy for the dash cam to remain plugged in - only those with something to hide usually have a sign up saying they should be disconnected/removed."

      Ridiculous reasoning.

      So if you don't others setup webcams in your house, you got something to hide?

      No business needs to allow customers to record them when they work.

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        Like it or not the majority of customers will take their car for servicing to places that allow the dash cam to remain on over one that doesn't.

        Some dealerships now have viewing windows which allow customers to view what goes on in their workshop or alternatively they have a TV showing live vision of their staff working on the cars in their workshop.

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      to keep me happy (and quiet)

      And here you are complaining about it on a forum. Both seeming not happy and decidedly un-quiet…


    Our stealership disconnects the dash cam. Its wired via the battery not cigar socket. They tend to remove the dc/usb lead at the camera side.

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      Wow I would be going somewhere else if they are willing to go that far.


        As far as unplugging the power cord from the camera? How's it any different from unplugging it from the cigarette lighter?

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          Not much, but they are up higher and sometimes hard to get to if the cable is coming out of the hood lining & plugs into the top of the dash cam like mine.

          There isn't much room to get your fingers around the cable.


          @WatchNerd: Fair enough. My one comes out of the side of the camera and couldn't be easier to disconnect.


          It's about intent.

          Dealer could make an argument they disconnected camera via usb or cig lighter to test those outlets but there's no need at all to disconnect a hardwired cam from the camera output


    Mazda didn't disconnect mine when it went in for 10k service.


    Thanks for sharing your stories and tips. I will be using them in the future :)



    went to Garry Warrent at Springvale Rd - VIC for 10k service and they disconnect my dashcam too.

    Must put a note to remind me to tell them not to do that next time.

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    The garage is private property so you can't record video without their permission. I think they would be within their right to disconnect the camera in the garage only. Public roads different story.

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      Wrong. The camera is inside YOUR property. They have no right to touch it, as it is not part of the service requirements. It is a security/surveillance camera to record what happens to YOUR property. This, you are free to record.

      The only time you would not be able to film is if there was some sort of invasion of privacy or you entered somewhere where there would be the reasonable expectation of privacy (ie: drove the car into a public swimming pool change room.) I would say that a car dealership full of people and open to the public would have a hard time justifying that there was the "reasonable expectation of privacy" when they invite everyone to come into their establishment…

      So again, the camera is inside your own personal property and is used for surveillance/security purposes and the dealer has no right to unplug it without your authorisation or notifying you before hand that the camera would be disabled. If I was OP, I would be demanding an explanation on to why there was a need to disable my security equipment and making note that if they ever wanted my business in the future, that my security equipment was to be left untouched.


        But the dashcam is filming private property, where the owner and mechanics of that property haven't given consent to be filmed. Doesn't matter that it is in your car. The dealership garage is not open to public at all, quite the opposite.


          “Reasonable expectation of privacy”. A car dealership routinely openly invite people onto their property, so I would beg to differ that it is not a public space. They are often quite open and one could reasonably expect that there would be little privacy to be had. If you can see into the property from public areas, then I would say that privacy laws don’t really cut it.

          That being said, it is private property and it is up to the dealer to inform you of their policy on filming in and around the dealership, not to just disconnect your dashcam. It is your right to inform the dealer that the camera is “inside” for your cars security and that during its operation, it may inadvertently film part of their premises. It is inside YOUR private property and if they interfere with it, it is they who could get in trouble, not you for leaving it connected.

          The problem is that it is a really grey area. An employer cannot video or record their employees without informing them, but the issue is that it’s a private vehicle not owned by the dealership. While technically the dealership isn’t conducting surveillance, they may see it as such and wish to avoid the possible issue that may arise if the employee is found to be doing something illegal.

          Then there is the definition of it being covert. Is a dashcam considered covert surveillance or the mere fact that it is stuck to the windscreen enough to satisfy that it is operating?

          My suggestion would be, when you ring to book in for a service, ask what their policy on dash cams is. If you don’t like or don’t agree with the policy, then as a consumer, you are free to find a place that has nothing to hide.


        Workshops aren't normally open to the public.

        and the dealer has no right to unplug it without your authorisation or notifying you before hand that the camera would be disabled.

        Op should check the contract on the work order. Dashcams are so common nowadays that it would be reasonable to include a section in the contract that allows the mechanics to disconnect the power.


    I had the same thing happen to me at a Mitsubishi dealer. There was footage up until them parking it in their back lot (kid was driving it pretty hard in their gravel car park out back.) After that nothing as they unplugged it. Pissed me off. It had 8kms added to it too. I'm pretty hesitant to go back there to be honest with a service due now.

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    I've heard stories of shit mechanics at dealerships but they're in the minority. As can be seen above, in the modern world if you bring this sort of activity to the manager's attention, the mechanic will quickly be out of a job.

    Manufacturers are putting so much emphasis on customer service these days, mainly through surveys sent after any experience (buying a car or just getting it serviced) that no one can really afford to fk up. Your reputation and your job are on the line with every single experience, way worse than any other job I've had.

    Tip would be to ask the Service Advisor when you drop the car off if they care, then approach the situation from there.

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      We have customers who drop their car off for repairs and if they have a car cam, when i go on a road test, I always give a directors commentary/narration on what i am actually doing and what i am doing it for. I tell some dad jokes or enlighten them with some interesting science/automotive facts.

      I have had really positive feedback from customers who appreciated what i was telling them while i was on the road test and things that they can look out for while driving.

      We have one really funny/prankster customer who i got good one time. He bought his car in for a service and i did the usual jokes and commentary until i got to the traffic lights, put my hand over the camera lens and said "you don't need to see this next part…" and played the sound of a car doing a massive burn out and speeding away from my phone. Carried on like I was thrashing his pride and joy… Uncovered the camera to show i was still stuck at the red light and made some comments about him frothing at the bung thinking i was thrashing his car. The next day he came to work with a carton of beer for me, told me how pissed off he was till he worked out i pranked him good. Showed me the video and said it was the best prank… Pays to know your customers though… :D

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    A true ozbargainer would service the car themselves.

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    I always take out anything valuable before I get my car serviced…

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      I don’t know why you got negged for that comment, as it is a very valid thing to do. I know plenty of guys who take “lunch money” from customers ash trays. I have also had $150 stolen from my vehicle while it was at the dealership.

      Do NOT leave anything of value in a vehicle if you are taking it in for a service.


      Yeah I don't know why you'd want anything valuable sitting in a car when a complete stranger can just take it.


    Just fit a tiny hidden cam somewhere close to the dashcam.

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