Scam WhatsApp message about Coles $500 voucher going around

A friend forwarded a link allegedly about Coles giving out $500 vouchers. The link was to, not and presented a 4 question survey, then asked you to share the link via WhatsApp and then you could claim the voucher. There were several things slightly wrong with the site, it had some obscure http not https URL, a grammar mistake here and there, all the people who commented had German sounding names. I suspect they try to get ID information from you on the claim page. The share link thing is to spread the scam of course.

Be careful out there.

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    Friend? I never knew scammers could be friends :)

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      All you need is a gullible person to spread it around, like a chain letter. Unfortunately my friend wasn't so observant of the small inconsistencies.

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    Fairly old scam. These appeared on Facebook some years ago. Claiming to give you $500 for basically doing nothing and requiring you to share is a big red flag. I guess most think "what's to lose?", Without knowing the consequences.

    These scams will continue to grow and have a market as long as there's gullible greedy people.

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    Also aldi. Same $500.same whatsapp. Same dot Com link not dot com dot au. Scammers do not have creativity

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      It's not the supermarket chain we know though, just a bakery in the US. Scammers seem to have inserted a fake URL there (/coupon) redirecting to the scam page. Also the scam link doesn't work from a desktop browser to reduce detection.


    LMAO, i received one of those texts too but with ALDI. Clicked on it, answer 5 questions and then they told me to referred it to 5 friends and i was like nope.
    I didnt want to look like a loser to have fallen for these type of “ads/scam”

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