Hisense 75N7 or LG 65C7 Deals

I'm on the hunt for either a Hisense 75n7 which were around $2800 before christmas (JBhifi) or an LG 65C7 which were $3500 from the Myer boxing day sale (missed out). Unless anyone else can suggest comparative models. Budget is $3500.



    This Hisense is under 3.5k - https://www.videopro.com.au/p-11123-hisense-75-75n7-uled-tv....
    Free shipping as well.


    Highly recommend Videopro and the Hisense.
    Picked up the 65” N7 from them just after Christmas for less than $1,600, and it’s a fantastic TV.
    Couldn’t justify the increase in price for the 75” though. I’m sure that’s great too.

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    I was just at Rhodes shopping centre and saw brand new Hisense 75 inch N7 selling for under $3,000 at Bing Lee. Bing Lee in that location is closing down hence the price on existing stock.

    I was in a rush and so forgot to take a photo of the price. I am sure if you call store the will verify the price.