TP-Link Archer D7 disconnecting randomly - Can get replacement under warranty?

I bought Details about New TP-Link Archer D7 Wireless AC1750 Dual Band ADSL2+ Gigabit Modem Router on 31 July 2015 (2.5yrs before) from here :

Since last month or so its disconnecting randomly, so I have to restart the power everytime to bring it back online.
Given that it comes with 3yrs warranty and its 2.5yrs with me now, I am wondering will I be able to get the replacement?



    Probably a good idea while it's still in warranty.


    Yep I'd go for the replacement. Shouldn't be a problem if you explain the problems you have been having. It's obviously not working as intended!


    I got mine refunded late last year. only lasted a year before i had random disconnections as well. My symptoms were:
    -ADSL2+ would disconnect randomly all the time.
    -the wifi would freeze up (no dhcp). Sometimes I'd get wifi working but unable to to admin portal or it would load really slow.
    Tested with another tplink and the symptoms cleared


    There's a couple of posts from a TP-Link Australia Rep in that thread as well as people's experience in getting refunds.


    I have just posted this router back to Futu Online. I bought one for a mate too and he is also asking me to return his one.
    Network dropouts were really annoying. Every morning first thing I had to do was to restart the router.

    What do you guys suggest for a new router ? Linksys or Asus RT ?

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      Both ASUS and Linksys routers seem immune to these recent Wi-Fi stability problems. You should check out Whirlpool before committing your money. This post suggests TP-Link, Netcomm, DLink and Netgear routers (and may be more) are amongst those affected. It was suggested that the December Android KRACK patches are the root causes of the problem, but TP-Link routers seem to be the worst affected.


        I spoke to TP Link yesterday and they will not refund however they will replace the router with something better. I am hoping to get something decent out of it.

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