International "Card to Card Transfer" - How to do legitimately

Hi all,
I'm trying to pay for a booking (accommodation) I have made which is in Russia.
The reservations team of (the Russian have asked me to pay by 'card to card transfer' and have only provided a 16 digit credit card number.
After many emails, they still seem adamant that this is all I need to pay them.

Question is: how can I make this payment in a more legit way than or something?
Has anyone has experience with websites that do these kind of payments? Can I use Western Union or Transferwise or similar?

Ideally, I'd rather pay through my own CC or debit card bank, but can't seem to find how to do that on their websites.
Commbank believes I could do so by BPAY but I need a biller code also.

For reference, I only need to send about AU$80.


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  • Not possible to do this via AU bank, you need a 3rd party.

    Are you sure you’re dealing with the real
    Card to card transfer is not mentioned on their website?

    Watch out for Russian scammers…
    Usually it is the host that is given the credit card number to take the money out…

    • Yeah exactly I agree. I'm certain the emails are legit, they are from the same email as the reservations go through and have the correct details of my booking etc.

      I have emailed them back to see if there's a pay I can provide my details for them to take payment through the website maybe.

  • Western union is the preferred payment method of 419 scammer so idk why you would want to use it.

    If i was you i would go out of ovesrvok and Email the hotel direct and make sure the emails are legit - check headers , if it all seems correct just risk it , its only $80 in the end.

    • Yeah so like you said, I'm willing to risk it and try and pay to this card number (because it's only $80) but I still don't know what 3rd party website to do this through (as indicated in the previous comment)

  • Dear Sophie,
    Could you provide us with your reservation number? You can send it to our e-mail: [email protected] or leave it in the comments. After we receive the information from you we will check your reservation details and reply to you by e-mail which was used in the reservation.

    Kind regards,
    Reservations spesialist

    • Unexpected! My booking is 328844948. Still awaiting some payment details or payment method I can use for the booking.

      • Dear Sophie,

        Thank you very much for the provided number.

        Yes, we have this reservation, and our team is working on it. The hotel administration requested to make an advance payment in order to guarantee the reservation due to the high demand during FIFA World Cup 2018.
        From the side of our service we guarantee that the advanced payment will be received by the hotel administration only.
        We do understand that it may cause some inconveniences for you to make the international transaction, but we do our best to facilitate to make this process smooth end easy. We keep in touch with you regarding this case.

        We are sorry for inconveniences.

        Kind regards,
        Reservations spesialist