Advice Needed on Stand Alone Security Camera

Hi all, does anyone have experience with stand alone security cameras with motion sensor that i can use while im away? I dont want to break the bank but want the best{as we all do}. I would like something that will message me when motion detected and film etc. Any help would be great.



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    i use this app with 9 old mobile phones around the house.

    motion detection, they record sound also, free app. although i have paid for the full version.

    i purchased a few old samsung galaxy s3 phones for $30 each off ebay.

    when motion is detected it sends you an alert and a clip


    Awesome suggestion but chargers and phones might cost more than a new good stand alone??


    i have a older model of these swann ones you can log in via mobile and check also can send alerts when motion detected.

    costs about $50 on catch of the day


      Would these ones only upload video on motion detected / when you log in or are they constantly uploading video?


        The one I had you could log in and watch a live feed on the mobile app or on the web at any time but you could set to send a SMS alert when motion was detected.

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    For a recent holiday I purchased a Canary (Security Camera) off Ebay.. for less than $200. Connected to Wifi it enabled me to access a live feed via mobile app, get motion alerts (& save cloud footage of the motion that activated the alert) as well as temperature, humidity & air quality data.

    Quality of the video was excellent (night vision too) and it fulfilled my needs exactly. When my mother came to check in on the house I was alerted by the app & was able to speak to her via its remote access & speaker capabilities & scare her by remote activating the alarm (90dB) ;)

    They are also portable and by buying multiple units you can expand the system to cover multiple areas but less suitable for outdoor applications (at least the model I have.. others may be available).

    Their app supports Android and iOS as well as browser access with a free option that provides most essential functionality and a paid subscription for full features like extended cloud storage options.

    Before purchase I also had the Arlo Q Plus in my shortlist but it cost a little more but as a positive was more readily available from Australia retailers: I think both are reviewed relatively well around the net. Happy with my purchase and happy to give it a recommendation.


      That one seems to require a monthly membership for those features though?


        You get a month free with full features. Looks like when subscription is turned off you cannot access a greater than 24 hour history of info/events without reactivating the paid option, two way talk is disabled as is desktop streaming. App live streaming, motion alerts, 30 second video snapshots, temp/air/humidity monitoring & alarm still work though.

        For me it still suits but would consider reactivating the paid subscription for any month camping or overseas.

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    How about xiaomi fangs? They seems popular.

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