Is It Worth Upgrading from an iPhone 6 (16GB) to an iPhone 6s (64GB)

For all you iPhone experts (only)……..
I am currently using an iPhone 6 with 16GB internal memory.
It is in perfect condition, takes reasonably good photos and serves me well.
I usually move any photos I take onto my computer so to leave as much memory as possible free.
Basic specs on the iphone 6 that interest me are 1GB RAM, A8 chip, 16GB internal memory (rather limiting) and 8MP camera

I am thinking of selling it and buying a used iPhone 6s with 64 GB internal memory.
The reason for this is that the 6s has 2GB RAM with faster A9 chip so should prove faster, smoother operation. Also much more internal memory (of course)and a 12MP camera though the camera itself appears to be identical to the iPhone 6. Only the sensor has been upgraded from 8MP to 12MP as far as I can tell.

I think the iP6s has a new improved fingerprint sensor and a new 3D screen though I dont know what thats all about and if it gives more trouble than the old but reliable screen used on the iP6.

I dont know if the aluminium frame was strengthened in the iP6s like it was in the iP7

I can get an iP6s/64GB for a similar price I can get for my iP6/16GB if I sold it so very low upgrade cost. But this is obviously not the issue.

I am more concerned about the performance improvement and reliabllity, camera performance improvement (if any) and any issues with the new technology introduced into the iP6s - 3D screen and new fingerprint sensor (I think).

The other issue I have with the iP6s is that it is thicker and heavier than the iP6- has this bothered anyone?

Can anyone that has gone through this upgrade shed some light on the situation please



    IPhone 6 has taken a big performance hit from the Spectre update.

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      My iPhone 6 is running beautifully on iOS 11.2 with minimal performance loss.

      HINT: Doing a complete factory RESTORE and down grade from iOS 11.2.1 to 11.2 with iTunes and then setting up as a new phone really helped improve performance significantly!

      Therefore for iPhone 6 owners I suggest they upgrade no further than iOS 11.2.
      If not already done, perform a full backup, then a full restore with iTunes, hence wiping everything and setting up again on iOS 11.2 as new phone.

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    Worth it for the faster fingerprint scanner!

    Can’t really tell larger mass, especially if you use a case.

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    Yes, I've done this and the 6s is a low cost (relatively) good value upgrade to the 6.

    A9 processor, twice the RAM
    Better 12mp camera, can shoot 4k
    Live photos
    2nd gen touch ID
    3D touch (gives you another mode of input eg preview, pop etc)
    earphone jack

    Doesn't have the newer features such as fast & wireless charging
    Not water resistant
    iOS support seems to go on 4 year cycles so it probably won't get iOS upgrades past 2020

    After battery replacement, iph6s was as good as new even with the latest iOS 11 software. I got mine back 2015 and the only thing I would do diff is maybe get the 6s plus cause it has OIS and bigger battery which I miss when travelling. But overall, very happy with the upgrade.


    Segway -Where is the cheapest place to get a 6s 16gb? I'm in Syd

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