Help with Surround sound System 5.1 Dolby Atmos

Hi Guys,

Over the Holidays I bought a LG B7, a Up970 and bunch of 4k blu rays. (I have a small living room)

I'm looking for a surround sound system that supports Dolby vision & Atmos.

Currently I have the VSX-523 and the Pioneer s-fcr4700 5.1 speakers

I'm looking at multiple AVR systems, however its speakers I NEED HELP with, since I have 0 idea.

My budget is low (the usual), I have access to a set of Yamaha NS-7900 set (which I'm assuming is better than mine)
however I'm eyeing the Pioneer SP-PK52FS (kogan sells it individually), not sure how they compare against the Yamaha set.

If they are similar can I then get the Yamaha set along side the Pioneer SPT22A/SPBS22A for Dolby Atmos?

Thanks for the HELP!


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    The Pioneer SPT22A/SPBS22A are designed to add ATMOS to your current surround sound and sit on top of your current front and rear speakers, so will work fine with your yamahas

    Its up to you but you can just add the speakers to the Front or both Front and Rear, depending whether you can place the
    pioneers on top of your rears or on a shelf. The Pioneer speakers point upwards at an angle and are designed to lift the audio and create a bigger sound field.

    However if you have a fairly small room, the typical 5.1 will still sound fine.

    SO maybe just upgrade the AMP for now as all 4k bluray support Dolby Digital True HD and DTS MA, and add the pioneers at a later date

    PS EBAY has 20% off some stores tomorrow and I think some are home theatre resellers so you might get a better price.


      This is just the sorta reply I was hoping for, I didn't even know that you get the Atmos for front and rear, thought it was just rear.

      Also whats your take on My current pioneer speakers vs Yamahas vs The SP-PK52FS

      Really appreciate it!


    My AMP is pretty big and has lots of channels, so the AMP u are looking at may differ.

    IM not familiar with the Pioneer speakers you have , but on visual inspection alone, I would say the front LEFT and RIGHT speakers of the Yamaha would be superior as they are floor standing base (LARGE) speakers, Does the Yamaha NS-7900 have a subwoofer aswell ?

    I guess it depends on the AMP you have with regard to Front and Back ATMOS speakers, I have a Yamaha RX V3081 which now supports 4K HDR and DOLBY VISION thanks to a recent update, Atmos is designed to run speakers placed ABOVE you in the ceiling with inwall speakers, The ADDON's they have released and some Dolby Atmos speakers are trying to use the ceiling to BOUNCE or RELFECT the sounds to you ears, creating some atmosphere.

    Also when looking at AMPS , try to download the manual and look at speaker setup, to be sure it suits your needs, the Yamaha Amps Atmos speakers outputs are called Front and Rear Presence speakers, and in the setup of the AMP I can configure the size of my speaker as well as how many I have connected, currently I have 9 speakers including the 4 atmos.

    but again , 5.1 in a small room should be fine.


    Really appreciate the long and thorough reply.

    I have the full 5.1 Yamaha NS-7900 set.

    I want to get an AVR that supports 5.1.2 atmos, not sure exactly what yet, saw some good deals end of last year.

    How do you think the Yamahas set does against the SP-PK52FS?


      Can u post a link to the Pioneer speakers? I cant seem to find it

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      Might be an idea to work out what sound levels you are aiming for and then work out a budget.

      Right now Video Pro have the Pioneer VSX 932 which is Atmos 5.2.2 @ $796 on eBay.
      It has been price jacked from $698 for today's 20% off on eBay.
      You could wait for another JB HiFi sale when they might be back to $567.
      That will give you something like 130 watts @ 6 Ohms per channel,if you believe their figures.

      Then start looking for speakers around that spec.

      That's pretty much what I use in my small living room,albeit an older model, the VSX923.

      Happy hunting :)



    Here kogan sells them. you can also get the Dolby atmos speakers separately.

    I can just get the Dolby atmos ones with the Yamaha, im trying to find out if its worth spending the 1.2k for them, are they that much better than the Yamaha?

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    If you can wait, keep your eye on this page until the price drops to ~USD$100 again.




      That would be awesome value