Can't use Webjet voucher before expiry

I have a $500 voucher for Webjet that I was given as a gift last year.
As I am already travelling next month (booked outside of webjet), and after that want to focus back on saving for a house deposit for 12 months, I'm wondering what the best option is.
The voucher expires in May so I'm just thinking ahead before it creeps up too quickly. I don't want to use the voucher to book for something too far in advance in case life circumstances change.
At the same time, obviously I don't want the voucher to go to waste and I'm trying to avoid losing too much money on it.
What do you think would be the best bet?

I'm thinking my options are:
a) sell the voucher
b) book a flexible fare for something a long way in advance and change the date if it doesn't suit?
c) book a flight that is refundable and cancel it

Guessing I'm going to lose a bit on any of the options, if anyone's had dealings with Webjet and cancelling / changing bookings before I'd be keen to hear experiences.
(I've only ever used webjet for straightforward flight bookings.)


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