[NSW] $10 a Day Park & Fly Flat Rate (No Hidden Charges) - Space Shuttle Car Park - 289 King Street, Mascot NSW


$10 Park & Fly - Space Shuttle Car Park

Take the stress out of getting airport and park at Space Shuttle Car Park - 289 King Street for only $10 a day*. Flat rate no hidden Charges

Conveniently located at Mascot, when you Book A Bay you'll receive a complimentary shuttle service to the airport in your booking confirmation.

Don't delay, book today.

If you require further information, Please feel free to send an email reservation@spaceshuttleparking.com.au or call on 1800 289 289 (24/7)

Wilson Parking

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    State or city in title please. Thanks OP.


      Thanks Nachotroncoso. As requested address has been updated on post 289 King Street, Mascot NSW 2020


    Could you please advise where to get more details on the shuttle service (frequency, operating hours, journey time, etc.) and the fare structure, e.g. additional passenger, from airport back to Carpark, etc.


      Hi Gleung, You can either send an email on reservation@spaceshuttleparking.com.au or contact 1800 289 289.

      Car park is 24 hours with on security but Shuttle service runs from 5am-11pm, 7 days a week and leaves in 30 minute intervals.

      For all Park and Fly customers, Shuttle Service is complimentary

      The car park is approximately 500 meters to domestic and 3km to international airport


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    FYI, the given instructions to get there are crap. You cannot turn onto Botany Rd from Southern Cross Drive/ED. You need to turn right onto General Holmes Drive and go past their competitor, Park & Fly, or you can keep going down General Holmes and turn right onto ORiordan. At peak hour, turning at Parn & Fly is better since the right turn lane is usually empty and the go straight lanes are usually super packed.


    I was charged $20 for the first day. False advertising to say the price is $10 per day when the first day is double the price.


      Hi blahhhh, Apologies for the inconvenience you had. Could you please send us the reciept of payment on reservation@spaceshuttleparking.com.au as we are more than happy to resolve that issue also you can check online link attach with this post, its $10 a day upon booking online.


        I booked for 4 day and 19 hours but was charged $60 because according to Wilson parking, a "day" starts at 6am.

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      But did they wave the 50c booking fee?

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        Hi Ozybe, Usually all Wilson parking have 50 cent booking fee. But with Park n fly booking there will be no booking fee will charge, you can check it online, it won't charge you booking fee.

        We understand that on the landing page it say 50cent booking as we have already requested IT to delete that statement. as there is no booking fee. it will be resolved in 24 hours.

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        Hi Ozybe, In relation to that statement mentioned on Wilson parking website "50c booking fee applies", just updated the website as it's updated now. You can check it by clicking the link attach with this post.


        Would rather pay 50c booking fee than $10 surcharge for the first day…

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    Thing that annoys me with these guys is you can be waiting for someone to pick you up at the airport side for 20-30 minutes, if there are a lot waiting might have to wait for a 2nd bus.

    Not what you want after being on a long flight…..


      Hi Dono,

      For all international customer, we request them to give us a call on 1800 289 289 upon clearing the customs as mostly the customers stucks in custom clearance.

      In relation to the domestic airport, we have a concierge person at Sydney Airport pick up area, 7 days a week from 4pm till 11pm to make sure he manages the shuttle transfer for all the customers as mostly flights get delayed on Sydney domestic airport.

      the vans goes to sydney airport every 30 minutes and wait 15 minutes over there at pick up area

      If you have park with us already, please contact us on reservation@spaceshuttleparking.com.au and we are more than happy to look into our system to check if you have faced any delays.

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    Dealt with these guys for a month going over to America.
    Despite fearing for my safety at one point getting to the Airport, the whole process was smooth and I'd highly recommend. Got out of the airport at the end, gave them a call and they said they would be 10 minutes. They were 3 (and it's about a 6 minute drive…)

    All in all, great customer service, awesome price for underground secured just wear your seatbelt and hang on :D

    Oh, and using your credit card as your ticket is easy to forget. We were at the boom gate for 5-10 minutes wondering how we get out. At one point it was telling us to pay again. Maybe some more signage would help re exiting.

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      Hi Pennypincher, Thanks for feed back.
      In relation to the recommendation to put more sign, we will definitely look into it and get some sign to be installed both entry and exit.

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