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Talisker Storm Single Malt 700ml $70 @ Dan Murphy's (Member Price)


Talisker Storm Single Malt 700ml $70

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Looks like a good deal to me.

I checked First Choice and BWS and they both sell at $90.


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    Saw this in store - just a heads up it is a peated whisky (didnt buy it because I typically dont like smoky scotch)

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      Whisky should taste like fire and dirt.

      Storm is more peaty and less smokey than the 10yo. Also less medicinal/iodine/bandages.

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        Sounds interesting. I'm not sure if quite understand the distinction between peat and smoke. I do like the Talisker 10yo, but found it a little "thin" compared to my preferred Ardbeg or Lagavulin
        (note: pretty new to whisky, but loved heavy peat almost from first taste)

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          I dont mind peaty and/or smoky. Slows down my drinking LOL

          Too smooth will make me drink like a fish.

  • Its pretty good for a non-age statement whisky at $70. I'd rather wait to get the Talisker 10yo at around that price.

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      Please post here when you find a good deal for Talisker 10yo at around that price :-)

      • Talisker 10yo $68.8 @first choice eBay if you haven't noticed yet

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    This is one of my favourite 'coastal' whiskys. When it drops to this price is definitely worth a try if you haven't done so before.