expired [X360/XB1] Red Dead Redemption - $14.95 @ Xbox.com (Xbox Live Gold Req)


Thought this was worthy of sharing, especially as it's backwards compatible and digital :)

6.73GB download

Undead Nightmare DLC is also $4.97, half price :)

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    My all time favourite game


    I thought it was always this price. I'm sure I remember buying it from EB on disc when it first went BC for $15 and then spewing because I could have just got it digitally for the same price :) Maybe it was a special when it first became playable on Xbox One.

    It's annoying having the disc version because although you download the whole game, you need the disc in to play it.

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    I absolutely love this game.


    Thanks but hopefully my overclocked 5ghz pentium 4 can play it


    I already have a digital copy of this. But since when was it $50?! It's an xbox 360 game.


    Arguably the preplayed copies from EB were around 5 bucks on special during Christmas. Yeah, you got to get your last arse to change disc but still.


    Amazing game!


    Only that price for Xbox Gold users. :(


    JB Hifi World Square physical copies for Xbox 360/One has it for $19 (yes online says $29) GOTY edition which includes the Undead DLC.
    I bought a copy a few weeks ago, I saw it today and still $19 (this is at the shelf with a special tag). On the computer it is $29 but they override it, that was when I bought it. This was at the World Square store only, other stores have it for $29. New sealed copies.

    Many years ago I bought a PS3 physical copy, it ran it off the disc, I swear it was going to kill my laser by the noise it was making so I stopped playing it. I bought a PS3 digital copy later when on a sale. Now on the Xbox One… I have no idea why, I never get more than 30 minutes into it……


      So you saved $0.93 to go in store and then use a disc in your console?
      Just saw you bought it a few weeks ago

      Still, $0.93 to always have it ready to download on your account seems worth it.

      Discs get annoying imo


        Discs can get annoying I agree. At the time it was way cheaper than Microsoft Store or online.

        Online versions get inflated.
        $99 for a copy of Wolfenstein II, yesterday Gamesmen had it for $25 before the promocode expired. You need to wait like two years for it to get that price from Microsoft store.

        Also you can sell your disc version games (not that I ever do), the Microsoft store ones you are pretty much stuck with it.


    Terrific game; the Undead Nightmare DLC shouldn't be missed either. If you didn't get around to it last gen do yourself a favour and check them out.

    Now if only Rockstar would port RDR to PC so I can justify playing it all through again…


    This has expired now, but the "normal" price is only $16.48 - so not much difference for anyone interested in picking it up.

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