16:9 aspect ratio monitor recommendations?

Hi guys. So i missed the aus computer traders ozb sales on their refurbished desktops recently. Was therefore thinking as a more permanent computing solution to my laptop that if i cant get an affordable cheap sff for browsing and generic home consumption that perhaps i could use that samsung dex station for my s8+?

I see its no longer 199 on jb hi fi but $81:


Never used eglobal… but seems an ultra cheap and kinda cool way to whip out my phone and use it as a computer when needed?? Any persons who've used a dex who can provide feedback?is it clunky and slow or decent?

It says you need a 16:9 aspect ratio monitor? Not having owned a desktop since pre 2008 are these simply the new " wide screen" monitors? And if so is it more smart to get a 16:9 and then it can be used to hook up a SFF or desktop down track?or does the 16:9 ratio make non samsung dex usage such as normal desktop computing a weird viewing experience? Sorry i haven't had a monitor for so long so havent got a clue. Saw cotd has this monitor but curious on advice on how to buy a monitor - what are the key feature or specs for a decent one given im not intending for gaming and artistic work etc. And can i connect two screens to a dex?is that a cable splitting thing more so than the computer or dex in this case it connects to?


But yeah… just after monitor advice.