Wisdom Tooth Removal as a Tourist in Australia

Hi everyone..

My girlfriend came over a few days ago and all of a sudden her bottom right hand corner tooth started hurting.

We suspect its her wisdom tooth. Can anyone recommend a dentist that they have used before and not too expensive?

I was looking through the forums and smile.com.au was mentioned a few times to get a discount


Edit: I am based in Melbourne CBD but can travel out of Melbourne City.

Edit 2: Went for and xray and its a root canal


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    Might be an idea to provide your location or you may receive many good referrals to discount dentists in the Pilbra, the fuel costs would outweigh the savings and your girlfriends visa may expire by the time she gets back from the initial consult.



    Obviously a Dentist needs to check things out and your Girlfriend could be looking at a Dental Consult with a diagnostic OPG X-ray to see where things are at.

    Assuming there isn't any cover from Travel Insurance and that there isn't any entitlement to reciprocal cover under:

    My understanding is that reciprocal cover is Medical/Hospital only, so probably not unless in a Hospital. Ask a Dentist if it looks like it is heading that way.

    Smile offers a Discounts to a List of Member Dentists.

    But, for a one-off after paying the yearly premium it is a case of whether it is worth it, particularly if you are looking at Wisdom Teeth Extraction, possibly in a Hospital…

    So, in Melbourne, I'd look at:

    Ask them how much, and go from there.


    My wisdom teeth have been hurting on and off for about ten years so there's (probably) no need to rush things. She can just ignore it (use clove oil if the pain is really bothersome) or get a consult just to make sure, and ask if it is urgent. Everything she does is going to be incredibly expensive though.

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    What does your travel insurance cover?


    Travel insurance won’t cover this, been there and done that in Argentina.

    It’s a pre existing condition

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    Look into the options but I'd be surprised if you find anything inexpensive that a tourist is eligible for.

    Cheapest option might be buy some teething gel for babies and use it for pain relief, wait till she gets home.


    A few years ago I went to that Brazilian dentist in the city that only does wisdom teeth (http://www.wisdomteethremovalsydney.com.au/wisdom-teeth-remo...). That website now links to https://www.drpaulopinho.com.au/, which has another Sydney address, but the website looks more modern, so the new address may be right???

    As a Medicare-covered OzBargainer I went to my GP and ordered my own OPG (full x-ray) (apparently you're not meant to do this through your GP) since most dentists like to sneak that cost up on you (~$60), but a tourist would have to pay regardless. I don't remember if it was covered by the "$55 consultation" but I remember him saying no and I doubt it (that's how they get ya…). Generally, when a dentist or plumber gives a price range I expect the upper estimate…

    It's a bit suspicious when a place just does a handful of procedures and even operates on public holidays but they were good enough for my uncomplicated tooth. If you need to go to a hospital though I don't know if they'll be as cheap since that part is subsidised through Medicare apparently.

    I was going to try Smile but the savings only benefit you if they would exceed the yearly joining fee for a single ($77), which may be the case for wisdom tooth removal but I suppose different dentists have different quotes?

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    I would be surprised if her travel insurance doesn't cover the dentist trip at least to investigate what the cause of the pain is. I think that is the best starting point. Just take her to your regular dentist to get a check up.

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    Bottom Wisdom teeth aren't good, removal normally takes a visit to hospital.


    codeine alcohol and weed


    Tooth pain, just pay the bill and see a dentist. Some things you don't haggle about.

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    Try getting some Ibuprofen to reduce the pain and inflammation till she can see a dentist in her home country.


    I alway wondered what causes tooth aches? Is it a sign of tooth decay?


      It is often pressure.
      Pressure can be from inflammation or just tooth movement.

      Clove oil from a Health Food Shop or Eugenol from a pharacist is good for pain, as is Bonjella(sp).

      But the longer you wait. the more expensive it gets. Upper and Lower extraction can be done at the normal dentist.
      X-rays with no medicare may cost more though.