Qantas Status Credits earned on Domestic Business upgrades (U Class Ticket)

Question for seasoned flyers.

I have booked a ticket BNE - SYD - LAX - SYD - BNE on sale economy.
The SYD to BNE I upgraded to a business class seat for 10000 points. It says U class on my ticket.
Will I earn any status credits/points on the SYD to BNE leg of my flight or will I earn nothing as I am an award seat now?


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    You always earn staus credits for paid flights at the base rate before the upgrade - so economy sale.


      So if I had just used points/no money to book a seat I would have not gotten any points/status credits for the flight?

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        Depends. Classic reward where you pay just the taxes and use points (limited availability but lower points) you don’t earn any SCs. “Any seat awards” which is paying the flight cost including taxes using a larger number of points (bad value) you would get SCs.


    The bigger question is why you’re flying to LAX via Sydney when there is a direct flight from BNE daily. I hope it was MUCH cheaper or something.


      "why fly direct when you can fly connect" is the motto of status chasing frequent flyers - the added leg will add another 20 status credits (return).


      I am chasing status credits. I have a conference in LA to attend. I can fly cheapo to LAX and get 20 less status credits or I can pay 50 more and fly via Sydney. I have upgraded to domestic business so I can shower and eat before flying back and relaxing before a night shift.

      I know I have fallen for the marketting meme of status credits but I see it as an investment trying to eek out as much value from my working commute now so that when I only fly for pleasure when I am older I will always be one world saphire and have lounge access wherever

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