Faulty Discontinued TV

I purchased a 48” 4K JVC TV from Big W during their 2016 Boxing Day sale for ~$326. It has been replaced once due to a faulty panel, and the same faults are beginning to arise on this replacement model (albeit lasting much longer than the original). I can put up with the faults as they’re intermittent, however something may need to be done shortly.

The model that I have is no longer available at Big W, so I have a question regarding returns in this instance. Obviously this was a really good deal, and I am concerned that I will only be able to get a refund which will not be sufficient to purchase a replacement. Is it at all possible to receive a replacement that is a similar model, or am I just out of luck and will have to put my OzBargain hat on to find the next best deal?

Thanks in advance.



    Wow that sounds hella cheap for a 4k 48" TV

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    I don't know if I'm going to be the only one, but this is once that I would say that the ACL will not back you up.

    Did it only have a 1 year warranty? If so, that is now over. And I personally would interpret that the TV has lasted a "reasonable" amount of time, going by the price you paid for it. I mean, seriously, 48" 4K TV for $326?? That's like buying a $5 iron and hoping it lasts.

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    They seem to sell a newer model - so fairly likely if they can't fix/replace with the original model they will give you that.

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      That's what JB HiFi did when a TV I bought from them developed a fault a few years later, and could not be fixed under warranty. They replaced it with an equivalent model, of a different brand, as the original TV had been discontinued.

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    Have you discussed this with BigW. That would be the best first step, then see what they say. You might be surprised.


    I have the same TV and it's been going strong thus far.
    If it "eventually" dies, I'll flog it off on Gumtree for $50 and buy a real UHD TV.
    For $326, you are not going to get a revolutionary product by any means.
    However I do understand your rationale and expect some decent lifespan from it.
    TBH, I would shop for a real UHD TV, LG's etc as they are now ~ 55" entering the <=$1000 mark. That's if you can afford it
    The JVC is a dumb TV and has poor image quality IMO, but not bad for a PC monitor.

    Ironically it has all the bells and whistles, 4K 60p 4:4:4 8Bit however no HDR/Smart/Wifi.