Google WiFi - Anyone using one?

Has anyone purchased the Google WiFi mesh kit?

Thinking of purchasing one as it comes with 3 units for a decent price (especially the eBay 20% off now), and much cheaper than the Netgear and Linksys ones. I know these are a little faster, but marginally.

Interested to hear if anyone has one and what performance, setup and usage is like?




    I've got a set. Performance has been excellent. Setup was pretty good as well. Nice not having any dead spots in the house.


    I got a 3pk for Christmas, extremely happy with it.


    I got the 3 pack too, super easy setup and great range


    Do a quick google search and you will find the google wifi performs pretty poorly compared to other Kits on the market.
    I am currently researching these kits myself and have not found many reviews that recommends the google over others.

    Eero: considered the best, but not available from Aussie retailers.
    AmpliFi: The best around (for aus retailers) and has a much higher rating and speeds across the board. Only downside is the secondary units do not have Ethernet which the google does.
    Orbi (netgear) very good but way to expensive

    Do some research and you will find the Google while easy and simple to use has some annoying limitations and speed across wider distances are not great (especially if you end up with a working 100mbs connection at any stage)

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      Don't forget you can just buy more AmpliFi units rather than the extender units. That way you get the Ethernet ports!


    It resolved my Wi-Fi issue and speed is consistent throughout the house.


    I just bought the Asus Lyra set and it works an absolute gem for our double story home… heck I even get close to Mbit/s across the road from my place.

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