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WoolOvers: Summer Sale Mens 100% Cotton Crew Neck Jumpers $14 + Extra 10~20% off


Some other good deals.

Womens' singlet $7 (take additonal 10~20% off).

Unsure how to set up referral link but if you use my referral link possible to get an additional 20% off. That's 10% more than the TAKE1O offer.

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Wool Overs
Wool Overs

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    Excellent firm to deal with.
    Chinese manufacture,however excellent quality.
    Fast delivery.
    Extremely happy with the wool jumpers purchased the other year which was a mind blowing deal.


    Delivery $7.95, free if spend $85.


    They have almost stopped selling normal wool jumpers.

    Quality is just OK, they are loosely knitted, if you buy on a sale though it is a good deal.


      29 of 46 men's styles are wool.

      None of my purchases last March were "loosely knitted".
      Four of them are very,very heavy.

      The prices might drop further,perhaps $14 to $10,and the range expanded. Less 10% :)

      Quite happy grabbing half a dozen at the current price. Nice gear.

      The referral involves giving your real name to a new client.


        This is what I meant, “100% Pure Wool”


        They only sell TWO traditional “jumpers” now the Aran and the Fisherman’s. The latter looks s pretty.crap. I purchased 3 Fishermans rib jumpers last year, much nicer design, now gone.

        I also have a few Australian made fishermans rib jumpers I bought 20 years ago. It is absolute chalk and cheese for the quality and the weight. The Woolover ones are less than half the weight, they are extremely losely knitted, read customers comments, this is mentioned all the time. They do this to save wool.

        The wool is also pretty mediocre quality,

        BUT as I said, if you buy them on sale for half price or less and they are OK.


          Very happy with my three Arans from last march ; one red,one cream and a zip up grey.

          The fishermans designs didn't impress me,so only purchased one cream rib.

          The zip/button Nordics were fantastic. Prolly ~ a Kilo apiece. Cannot purchase wool at those prices now,or then :)

          All up purchased 21 wool and 7 cotton/cashmere.

          Six cotton jumpers this year.


    Where do you live?

    I like a good quality jumper but Australia is not that cold.