This was posted 4 years 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Assassin's Creed Unity [Xbox One Digital] @ CD Keys - $0.89


I just purchased, and was sent the download straight away, so I assume the price isn't in error.

I noticed their was another bargain put on here in December for $0.94, but here it is at 5c cheaper ;)

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    Now this is a bargain

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    Cheers OP.
    Even got a 5c discount for using Apple Pay šŸ˜‚

    • True Ozbargainer:) Every cent counts.

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        Except the part where they use the Apple device.

        • Doing the best with an Appley situation

    • Same, bagged an extra discount

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    I bet all those people who bought the game for $3 are feeling scammed right now.

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      I paid $2. I feel 66% as scammed as those guys.

  • pheweeee, how about that price. I feel scammed!

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    Bought this at release and put it away again because it was a disaster - bugs everywhere, virtually unplayable. Was bored on holidays a couple of weeks ago so decided to give it another go.

    Massive patch (6.5 GB) installed and a lot of the problems are now resolved. Still a few issues but it's actually a pretty good game now. For less than a dollar you can't go wrong.

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      I previously bought Unity on PS4, but sold it when I sold the PS4 to buy the Xbox One X, thought I'd give it another shot since it was so cheap.

    • Is this on PC or console?

      • Console - I understand the PC version has its own problems

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      Naw, you think 6.5gb is a massive patch. I just installed a 12gb patch for a 14gb budget PS VR game.

  • Wish Syndicate would get this cheap.

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      I wish Bitcoins were this cheap. Wait a month I guess…

      • Stop. It hurts.

  • Thanks OP. Grabbed one. Playing AC Origins now, Unity after that.

  • Thanks OP. Done.

  • If I buy this CD key will I be able to play on Windows?

    • No, only on Xbox One as this was released before Microsoft announced that "Play Anywhere" feature.

    • Nup

  • worked, thanks!!

  • Sorry if it's a noob question, but is this legit?

    • Probably. I paid $2 a few months back. It's money for old rope - the game didn't do so well critically and it's unlikely anyone's paying a thing for it outside of insane deals like this.

    • Yes it is. This is a trusted cd key seller.

      Are you a fan of Laura Branigan at all?

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        Their name could just be Gloria, you know?

        Jumping to conclusions like that, you've got no Self Control.

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    Don't forget, as penance for how shit the launch was, Ubi made the Dead Kings DLC for this game free, so when you're done with the main story of your 89 cent game, download some free DLC and get another couple hours extra.

    • Can you actually complete the game? Iā€™m on 99% completion in black flag iirc.

  • Got it, and successfully redeemed code.

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    Reported for humiliating me when I got it for $3

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    How couldn't you have this yet? Good luck to the few who don't.

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      Because the franchise is mostly trash, and we know better than to buy it at launch.

      • Black flag is really good. All those sea shanties make for good background music

      • -3

        Mostly trash but sells millions every year… Uh huh.

  • Anyone else getting an error? Tried multiple browsers/devices.
    EDIT: Never mind, appears to have fixed itself. Thanks OP.

  • their site is down, must be too many ppl wanting ACU for .89

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    Use coupon code YQE57RRH7 for 5% off your order (you must be logged into the site for this to be accepted)

  • I got this with my copy of AC Origins as a bundle deal from cdkeys a month or so ago

  • Got one. Cheers šŸ»

  • Purchased. I'll probably never play it, but at $0.89 how could I resist?

    • Guess you didn't use the coupon code, could've been $0.85

  • Has anyone successfully redeemed the code?
    I got the email from cdkey, when clicking on the link in the email I'm being redirected to "Verify your phone number" page.
    When filling Austrlian mobile phone number (tried with 0 and wothout 0) and clicking "Send SMS" (or "Call Now)" getting the following: "Please enter a valid phone number number."
    Any ideas?

    • It worked for me with an 0…

      Did you use spaces (e.g. 0400 123 456)? If so try removing spaces… Also maybe try replacing 0 with 61…

      Let me know how you go.

  • Thanks OP! Grabbed one.

  • $ 0.86 at the moment :)

  • They must have an excess number of these ACU keys at the moment. I got a free key when for it when I bought something else in December. (Yes I probably should have posted about it at the time)

  • $0.86 with coupon code 'CDK36454' thanks to SLICKDEALS

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