The White Jeans Debate - Yes or No?

Hi all, just a little intro, first-time poster long-time lurker here.
I really appreciate the OzBargain community, especially your thoughts and opinions. So I thought I'd ask you all a question that's been bugging me for few days now.

My missus pretty much threw a hissy fit when I told her I was thinking of purchasing white jeans from Nudie because she reckons guys who wear white jeans are [email protected]

Look, I know the general consensus of OzBargain would probably critique on the price rather than the colour, which is fair enough. But I genuinely don't understand her frustration. I saw this article on Menshealth and thought it looks stylish and it would be a great way for me to enrich my "look".

So folks, please vote below and let me know what you think so I can report back to the misso!


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  • 21
    Yes - white jeans are fresh!
  • 77
    No - I wouldn't be caught dead in them
  • 25
    Maybe - depends on the situation, if it's summer and I own a yacht


  • You won't look so good when you sit on something dirty / somebody spills something on you etc etc..
    Avoid for that reason alone.

    • Yeah definitely not wearing this to a pasta dinner LOL!

    • Depends what kind of stain I suppose
      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


    • Also as a 'tog when I take photos of a party and one guy wears white jeans it really stands out.

      Looks great if you have no intention of eating/sitting though and are just going to stand around.


    • Seriously though - buy a cheap pair and give it a try. See how it works for you, if you're looking for serious fashion advice on Ozbargain you may have come to the wrong place! Good luck.

  • you should wear it. cook her a bowl of pasta and dump it all over head. SHOW HER HOW MUCH OF A Wank#r YOU ARE !!!

    I am wearing white jeans, beyotchhhh !!!

  • Yeah, nah. Plus, they're pretty hard to pull off.

    But if it empowers you, makes you feel good about yourself then… why not.

  • Are you a man or a mouse?

    Squeak up for yourself!

  • Oh god, you'd look like a [email protected] if you wear them with Converse shoes.

  • I thought only girls wore white jeans? Then again, if it makes you happy then who cares what people think…

  • Nope nope nope.

    Trust me, I used to own a pair.
    Here’s my exp:
    - The white colour felt tacky and attention grabbing (the wrong kind)
    - You’re constantly worried about messing them up, not because you care for the jeans, hell just chuck it out after, but because if you soil them at the start of a party/function, say any kind of wine / pasta sauces / dippings / dust from furnitures or even water from washing hands, you might as well go home early. This is much worse when you have pranksters among your friends.

    But like Ross in that Leather pants episode, sometimes you just want a certain thing, but yea, be mindful of the above.

    • I'm pretty good with keeping it neat so not terribly worried about spilling etc but thanks for your input man. Definitely feeling like I'm having a Ross moment right now haha

  • I don't understand why people add more descriptions to a standard yes, no, maybe option.

  • I definitely wouldn't be eating any curries or spicy foods if I wore white pants.

  • Complete (profanity) any male wearing these…. (Cricketers included) Sorry. :)

  • How about white chinos?

  • +1 vote

    My pants for lawn bowls are white but I don't wear them socially.

  • If you can pull it off like these guys then why not?

  • A true oz bargainer would look at the cost of the jeans $145 is too much to pay regardless of colour.

  • Assuming you know the theory about women who wear white pants, the question is what does it say about a man?

    • it says that man is a man's man. A man who doesn't need validation from others and is secure about himself enough not to worry about other's opinion in insignificant matters such as color selection. A badaS5 man.

      what does it say about a man who nods to everything, never question anything, always needs validation and doesn't dare to experiment?

      :) :)

  • Lol white jeans

  • I assume you'll be pairing it with a salmon polo shirt?

  • You may only purchase them if you purchase them with gift cards that you purchased at >30% off + >$10 off with amex promo, when on sale >50%, with additional code >15% for clearance items, free delivery.

    You may purchase them if you satisfy all these ozbargain best practices

  • Yeah, nah. Blokes shouldn't be wearing white jeans.

  • you should listen to your mrs more often.

    women look great in white jeans.

    or are you considering this to wear on your float at the mardis gras?

  • I think your missus is right, you are a [email protected]!

  • Not even all chicks can pull off white jeans, the odds are against you.

  • This has to be a trolling exercise just saw user name.

  • I think you should wear them. Make the rest of us look better.

  • -2 votes

    If you've been to a hospital lately ,
    the young doctors all wear this white (and tan) hipster jeans with the medium belt.
    Like it's cool ,
    I haven't really thought about it too much,
    but someone went to a lot of trouble to put this not obviously
    , but obviously expensive ensemble together, and now I'm it.
    I'm the IT girl from the 70's cept I'm a boy,
    n almost a man (doctor),

    but I'm too busy to notice ,

    worship me dammit.

  • Haha love the OzBargain embodiment of our very conservative Australia :)

    As far as social acceptance goes, who cares!
    As far as fashion goes, get GCWOK approval?

  • Do it. Rock it with a white shirt and shoes. Your missus knows nothing

  • you are a SNAG. sensitive new age guy! welcome to the club. a dying species. a fashionista! a cosmopolitan metro like beckham! break the mould!

  • I avoid these like the plague.

  • If women don't want to be judged and criticised for what they wear, I would suggest they don't judge and criticise men.

    Feel free to wear what the hell you want, like women do. If you want to wear yoga pants and a tight top for shopping, do so.

  • I truly believe that some clothes that look good on a woman, do not work on a man. White jeans fall into this category- gives a “ wimpy image”. White shorts with a print on though do work.
    Women wear sandals with beads& glitter on, Also with ankle straps - would you?……?. Thought not……… Stay away from the white jeans, or be prepared to defend your maleness by speaking in a much lower gruff voice ! 😂

  • The pretentious poncey old dude on Travel Guides rocked Italy with his white jeans and boat shoes this week. Don't be that guy.

  • I rock white jeans. Why the (profanity) not? Why should guys limit themselves to certain "staple" colours? That's bullshit.

    The main thing to remember with clothes is that you should wear whatever you feel comfortable in. If you're going to feel self conscious wearing white jeans, then they might not be for you. However, if you have no worries, then go for broke. Don't listen to negative people. Do what would make you happy.

  • Nelson munce voice
    White Jean's on man.