Looking for a Laptop under $2000

Hi, I am looking for a laptop and I was wondering what I should get. I need it to last over 6 hours and quite thin like under 2 cm so not really any gaming laptop. I mostly use it for web browsing and writing documents on Google docs but I want a touch screen and the ability to play some games. I was looking at the pixel book from Google and shipping it here from Amazon. With the eBay sales I was wondering what I should get. Thanks in advance.


  • The Pixel book is a premium, high end Chromebook, not your standard windows laptop.

    With notebooks, you're going to want to wait a little while for new stock to trickle in. Dell hasn't updated their XPS line, Lenovo hasn't updated their X-series (Carbon) Line, and I don't Acer has brought in many 8th gen laptops into australia yet.

    Ryzen notebooks also nowhere to be found either

    You could look into importing a Xiaomi Notebook Pro which has no touchscreen but the price is very competitive.

  • I know its a premium computer but my brother really likes his Surface Pro, quite pricey but it is within your price range and is touch screen. Not sure about games though, I'd assume it wouldn't do too well in that area?

  • FWIW, I reckon touchscreen in a laptop is overrated. Sure, if you have a genuine tablet then great, but in my experience (a) I never use the touchscreen when I'm in laptop mode and (b) even the light laptops are too bulky to use in tablet mode.

    Think about getting the best bang for you can on the components first and then think about the touchscreen. Just my 2c.