How this PV Solar System deal? $3999=Jinko Solar Panels+4KW Bosch Inverter


No Solar System at the moment
Our usage is about 25~35 kWh everyday.
So how this set? We're living at Zone 3



  • Can't say without knowing who the installers are. There are rogues you shouldn't touch selling dirt cheap, going out of business every day (making warranty impossible to claim), and doing terrible installs. There are people who take deposits and then never get around to doing the job.

    Look at "Crap Solar" on Facebook for examples of shoddy work.

    Further, for usage of 25-35kwh/day, you should look at something bigger than a 4KW system.

    Find trusted installers and seek quotes from them.

  • Tailor your system to your needs first. Putting near 5kw of panels on the roof with a 4kw inverter might work out for you, but a couple of panels worth of power might be wasted. It depends on your roof. Also depends on your usage patterns. Not a lot of point chucking 5kw of panel on if you are going to be exporting half of it because you are at work all day.

    For reference I was recommended a 4kw system with a usage of around 26kwh/day. In the end we have two strings of panels, one on the north roof and one on the west. We get more usage out of the afternoon sun when we are more often home that way. Still export too much though!

  • I got a Solar installed last month. 6 kW Panels and a 5 kW Inverter.

    Gives around 35-37 kW a everyday. At the moment my usage is less during the day so I get a feedin on the extra.

    Quick Installation, Impressed with the install.

    • Which state?


      Does overloading the inverter shorten the lifespan of it? I know it doesn't get to that full load often but I have seen my 2.4kw system go up to 3kw on cool clear sunny day.

  • I work for a solar company. Contact me if you need a quote