Will Anytime Fitness price match?

I'm planning on joining a gym near me in Kew, VIC - currently Jetts is cheapest on my list with a cheaper base rate + $0 joining fee but I prefer Anytime Fitness. I've got a trial at both at the moment.

Will Anytime Fitness match the price of Jetts if I ring them up at the end of the month?

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    It’s possible - some gyms do negotiate. Others prefer to keep it simple and will refuse you. Doesn’t hurt to try!

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    No harm in trying
    If I’m Anytime Fitness though, I wouldn’t. Generally bigger and superior gyms so can see them sticking to their guns

  • As teachers they did $50/m. I don't know if this is good but might be something to bargain with? They called it corporate rates.

  • I always price-match when I join a gym. Also, it is always better to negotiate in person with the gym manager/franchisee.

  • Highly doubt it you can negotiate that's about it tbh

  • I joined with AIA vitality (there was a post about it some time ago) - end up paying like $9 a month for life insurance and in return u can join up to anytime fitness for $59.90 a week. If you go a certain number of times every quarter AIA vitality will credit your bank account with $100. Found this to be quite a good deal?

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      $59.90 a week….?

      • Sorry a month - they also do 50% of fitness first and virgin gym memberships. How much is Jetts?

  • Finish your trial at Anytime Fitness and then do nothing,a couple of weeks later you will start getting sms's for discounts and after 4 or 5 months free joining fee's.(for people not doing a trial just walk in and look around)

  • I pay $620/year upfront at anytime fitness

    • Was that something they offered or you proposed?

      • I asked how much if I pay upfront,thats what they offered.

    • Which branch was this?

      • Modbury,then I stopped for a year,went to Arndale got the same deal

  • Seems to be some difference between locations, the one down the road is saying $33.90 fortnightly while the one another 1 km away is charging $29.90 fortnightly under a 18 month contract

  • Dont they have a deal with friend referral or something similar?

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