Overseas Receiver - Best Country to Buy from to save $$$

Unfortunately I haven't pulled the trigger on any of the receiver deals posted over the last few months and am looking for recommendations on what countries to buy receivers from to save $$$. I know you can look to buy receivers from Amazon through Germany or UK but was wondering what other countries are fine to buy from without the need for expensive transformers to use in Aus. The US seems to have amazing prices but it appears to be too much work/cost to be able to use them in Aus. I have found some options from Italy but not sure if they can be easily used in Aus… I'm looking to spend $600-$900 on a receiver which has ATMOS, good connectivity and can handle a 7.2 set up. HEOS would be a bonus.


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    do some research and get back to us with a good deal

    • Will do. I was more so asking for advice on countries rather than particular deals. I found what appeared to be a good deal on a denon but just wasnt sure if it would easily work in Aus.

  • I bought a denon receiver about a year ago that was published here on Amazon Germany. It's one damn good receiver ,no regrets.

    • I would love a denon. I'm kicking myself for not taking a previous denon 3300 deal. I found a good deal for the 3400 from Italian ebay but wanted advice before purchasing and now I cant seem to find the deal again.

      • I had top end Yamaha's & pioneer but denon i's my favorite. If you love music then make the investment. I've never felt music this rich with other brands even when running flat, no enhancements.

        • Yeah based on all the research I've done I would love a Denon. Its the reason I've held off several other deals as I really want to get my hands on a Denon. i think Ill settle for the next good deal though if I cant find something soon.

  • Local ebay 20% off yamaha RXV583 7.2 atmos/dtsx ~$600

    • how do you get the 20% off?

      • Parcel20
        Kg electronic store on ebay

    • Cheers. I was looking at the Yamaha RXV683 deal which is still up but doesnt appear to be available for $674 anymore. Cheapest I could get it down to was AU $783.20 using the Parcel 20 ebay code but couldnt justify paying approx $110 extra than original deal

  • I'm looking for one of the higher end Denon receivers, either the AVR-X4400H or AVR-X6400H but trying the major European Amazon sites (de/uk/it/fr) they're either not in stock at all or not available for shipping to Australia?

    The X6400H is $5000 in Australia and significantly less in Europe but have yet to find somewhere that is willing to ship, any tips would be welcome

    • I keep having the same issue with no shipping to Aus. I'm heading to Ukraine in March though so with any luck I might be able to find a deal which will ship to Ukraine. Wow you must have a serious set up if you're looking for a 4400H or 6400H. What price are you looking to get the 4400H for?

    • Shipping forwarders bro. Find a country they ship to, search a forwarder, ring talk about what your trying to do, they will advise best way to do it.

      Pay for reship.

      • Cheers I'll look into it… i was a bit worried that would be pretty expensive and negate the savings of purchasing overseas but Ill try to research and see how it adds up. Have you used any that you'd recommend

        • Not personally, my brother used afew for gaming stuff though. Not sure the cost though.

        • Fair enough the receiver is about 10kgs which made me think it would be expensive but with luck hopefully I find a forwarder who doesn't charge too much and makes it a viable option.

      • I've used freight forwarders in the USA and UK for small items before (like headphones and smaller) but for receivers, they come in big boxes and are a substantial weight. The AVR-X6400H is 14.5kg and the AVC-X8500H is 23.3kg.

        Freight forwarders will usually only use tracked courier services like UPS / DHL / Fedex and they might charge a substantial amount ($hundreds) to ship such a large heavy box to Aus, and you may not know for sure how much the forwarder will charge until they receive the parcel.

        The good thing about Amazon when they used to ship these direct to Aus was the very low shipping costs which I suspect were below cost.

        Amazon.de only charged me 52 EUR to ship a Sony STR-DN1040 in 2013 for a big box that weighed ~12 kg.

    • There's also the new flagship Denon AVC-X8500H which will be even more expensive

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    Update. I've found a Denon 3400h from Germany shipped for Euro $687.05 which is roughly $1079.88

  • So I ended up pulling the trigger on the Denon 3400 deal posted by Dreamcazman yesterday. Shipped from Germany for $969 from Amazon DE. Should receive in two weeks then will need to find some speakers to do it justice. Now I'm really wishing I picked up some KEF speakers in the recent deal posted here. Fingers crossed some good speaker deals pop up soon.

  • @Ohyouagain

    Whats the feedback for the receiver?

    I cant seem to find anything on Amazon de that will ship to Aus.

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