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30% off @ Petbarn (Some Exclusions Apply)


Another new code for Petbarn. As usual, the following T&Cs apply. Enjoy :)

Excludes Vet Prescription Diets, Services, Technology items, Royal Canin Dog food, Trouble & Trix, Animates & Catsan crystal Cat litters and Sentinel products. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer. Discount does not apply to promotional items.

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    I havent been able to get on to their web site for a few days. Just get a cloud Flare error. Anyone else getting the same?

    • Works fine here.

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      delete cookies/cache

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        Thanks that worked!

    • Fine for me, too

    • same problem for me

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      Have done as suggested and still not loading :-(

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        Are you in WA?

        • Yes, I only ended up getting it to work on my phone's data connection

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          Same for me, couldn't get it to work from home and had to use my phone.

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          @Soybeanus: It wont even work on my phone. Someone must have parked on the WA internet pipe

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      Ive tried different browsers different internet connections (home & work). Still nothing

      • Have you tried via incognito mode, for example?

        • Having same issue. Reset cookies, used incognito, tried different devices, tried different connections and none of it has worked for me.

        • @carlordau:

          I tried private/incognito… worked for me…

        • +1

          Only thing that works for me is a VPN. Must be something with connections from WA, as both Optus and Telstra network connections fail for me to connect to their website.

  • Doesn't work on cat food which supposedly is 20% off but isn't (Science Diet food is more expensive than competitors). Code says it was applied but doesn't work.

    • Is it because of this?

      Discount does not apply to promotional items.

      • +2

        I guess that means this excludes all cat products like food.

        Even with their 20% off, pretty expensive. Cat food I get is $70.39 with their 20% off sale. Meanwhile Pet Circle has it for $67.95, My Pet Warehouse $67.99 and those aren't on sale.

        • +1

          Just received a response via the affiliate for Petbarn:

          As stated in the T&C “Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer”. If the cat food is already discounted the code won’t work.

        • +2


          cat food is already discounted

          Neil has shown you that it isn't discounted.

        • @tightarse: Hey TA
          Can you please ask what the reason behind no royal canin is ? It’s all in stock now so there should be no reason for exclusions…

  • What have they got against Royal Canin Dog food?

    • must have something to do with all the issues with importing the product last year.


      • +1

        must have something to do with all the issues with importing the product last year.

        even more reason to discount it after they pissed off customers by stuffing up their importation documentation.

        • re: discount offer - said the same too. We couldn't get our regular food for 2 months but lucky enough had a bag or two at home in stock. No one could give time frames as to when and there we even other brands giving out 'free' 1-2kg sample bags to get customers to swap … would guess RC lost a fair percentage of customers over this.

    • Go petcircle.com.au instead. They are cheaper and have stock. Well got my 2 lab 12kg mailed out today.

      • Yeah, it's about $3 cheaper… Was hoping for 30% off.

  • Code isn't doing anything here, either. Both cat food & litter added to cart, applied code, no change in either price.

  • -3

    Yum yum dinner sorted

  • I won`t even bother - they keep on cancelling my order - "Refunded Whole order"

  • +1

    So, if this doesn't apply to sale items and pretty much everything is on sale what can you get?

  • +1

    Crap website keeps dropping out.

  • +1

    Pet Circle still cheaper for Advance

    • Same for Comfortis Plus. and the Pet Circle site works :)

      • Indeed. PB are good when they have a large discount combined with their money back vouchers.

        Just goes to show how much profit margin there is in pet food.

  • +3

    Geez their website is utter shit

  • +1

    Premium puppy food range is a bit crap

    Almost as crap as their website

        • +5


  • +1

    Worked for Royal Canin…

    Ordered 2 x12kg bags for $86 each which is a good deal.

    Their website is truely horrible though. I’ve hit platinum in their loyalty program so I’ll stick with them!

  • I normally go between PetCircle, PetBarn and MyPetWarehouse…I know that PetBarn is usually the most expensive, but have just figured out that they're actually about 15% above RRP for what I was looking at. With the 20% off cat stuff, they're still just over the PetCircle price.

    I've had good deals through PetBarn using similar promotions, so hopefully someone finds themselves a bargain.

  • Been waiting for the monthly sale

  • +1

    $80 for a bag of blackhawk is a FLAPPING GOOD PRICE.
    Thanks OP!!!

  • I remember these codes used to almost always stack with existing Advance sales. Took them long enough to catch on. Now it’s cheaper pretty much every other place.

  • Not as good as 30% but code STRIPES seems to work for 10% off already discounted items.

  • Code still works. Just used it.

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