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[Switch] Get 1 Cent off Per 1 MyNintendo Gold Point on The eShop from March (Get 5% Digital/1% Physical Gold Back)


Starting in early March, Gold Points can be used for digital purchases on Nintendo Switch!

Whenever you get a new game, you earn Gold Points worth up to 5% of what you paid. Spend those points on your next digital purchase of any Nintendo Switch game to get it for less…or even for free!

How do I use Gold Points?

You can spend your Gold Points on Nintendo eShop or the Nintendo website when you purchase games or other contents for Nintendo Switch.

1 Gold Point = 1 cent (AUD/NZD)
How do I earn Gold Points?

Gold Points are earned with every new game you purchase. How many you get depends on whether you purchased a game digitally, or have it on a game card.

You can earn Gold Points worth the following percentage of the price on Nintendo eShop:

Downloads: 5%

Nintendo Switch games and DLC on Nintendo eShop: 5% of the total paid amount
Nintendo 3DS games and Wii U games on Nintendo eShop: 5% of the total paid amount
Download codes: 5% of the undiscounted Nintendo eShop price of the same content
Game Cards: 1%

Nintendo Switch game: 1% of the undiscounted Nintendo eShop price of that game

For example…
If you pay $50 for a game on Nintendo eShop, you’ll receive 250 Gold Points.
Next time, you’ll be able to use those points and save $2.50."

Gold Points are valid for 12 months from when they are earned, and always expire at the end of a month.

Might want to hold out on any digital purchases until next month as well as registering new games to get the better gold point rate.

Essentially you get 5% back on digital purchases.

The amount you get back in physical is still based on the eShop price, so potentially you buy a game for $30 that is $90 on the eShop you still get the full 90 points.

Move to forum if this isn't considered a bargain.

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  • Not sure if this post qualifies as a bargain in itself, but interested to see deals that allow me to save money.

  • i got 3 games that got me 56 gold points

    yay $0.56 off my next purchase

  • Can you earn gold points for physical games or do they only apply to eShop purchases?

    • You can 1% from the eShop price, so if you buy $50 game, register the game to MyNintendo via the Switch menu you'll get 50 gold points added to your account that you than can use on the eShop (not another physical game) to get 50 cents off.

      Note if you buy the game for less than the eShop price you still get 1% of the eShop price.

      • You'll get 5% back off the purchase for eShop purchases and 1% back for physical purchases. So if you spend $50 on physical games then you'll only get 50c, but if you spend $50 on the eShop you'll get $2.50. If it's anything like what used to happen with Wii U purchases then you may even get 5% back for the full RRP of the game, even when you buy the game on a sale price.

  • stingy discount, Nintendo!

  • +1 vote

    Nice I can save 70c! So excited!

  • Bigger discount selling steam cards


    Something is better than nothing

  • Nintendo Network Premium on the WiiU was slightly better with an 8.4% (9% NZ/ 10% US) return on your spend when you bought games through the eShop.

  • This is about the same investment/return as flybuys points.

    • This is 10 times better than Flybuys for digital purchases. This is 5%, Flybuys is 0.5%.

  • Just bought splatoon 2 the other day :')

    • Points are already earnt on purchases. Until now they just couldn’t be used towards the Switch, only 3DS and Wii U stuff. So not a complete loss as you should have the points for later use.

  • So I bought physical Bomberman (from Japan)for $35 wonder if I'll get aussie RRP credit ($69) for it.

    • Let us know!

    • New point system is live now, have you tried?

    • It says "You cannot collect Nintendo Points for this software as the expiry date has passed."

      • Yeah, I just read this:

        In order to receive the points, you need to register the game card on the HOME Menu of your Nintendo Switch console within two years (for Europe and South Africa) or one year (for all other countries) from the official release date of the game in your country.

  • Gold points time out after a year don't they. Watching all my WiiU points slowly dissapear before Nintendo let them be used for the switch rewards.

  • Can you see ur games purchased and gold gotten for each game. I've spent over $100 on eShop I should have over 500 points. That's not counting the 8 physical games. I only have 450 points.

    • The rewards system is changing to 5% in March, so any purchases before March earn less gold points. The current return rates are 0.77%-1.67% for digital purchases over $6 and 0.16%-0.20% for physical purchases over $50

      In MyNintendo you cannot see the games you've purchased and gold received but you can see every time you completed a purchase mission, the price range of what you purchased and the gold received for completing that mission.

  • Sure makes those My Nintendo discounts seem like much better value now. I spent 80 gold coins to get Tengami for free on Wii U a few months ago, so effectively I got it for 80c worth of points. Nothing like the old days of physical rewards through Club Nintendo and 10% back on all Wii U eShop purchases though.

  • I see you Nintendo.

    I see you, waiting a year to make them work, after I spent (profanity) hundreds in the launch month last year, now you think you'll push me into impulse buying something I don't already have if there's a discount for it.

    Well, you're probably right. (profanity) you.

  • +1 vote

    Excited to see Ozbargain find ways to Max out gold points with minimal spending

  • eShop currently down for maintenance but should start working once it is up