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Finish Quantum Max 60 Tablets Pack for $15 @ The Reject Shop


Seen this in store today, turns out 25¢ per tablet.

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The Reject Shop

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    No wonder it's sold at the REJECT shop. If anyone with a clue catches you eating this rubbish you'll be cast out of the tumblrsphere.
    It's Tide or GTFO.

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    I prefer the using the hard tablets rather than the squishy quantum ones. I cut them in half and get two washes for the price of one.

  • I've been using the Coles expensive ones. They work as well if not better than the Finish ones and are cheaper. Choice gave them a thumbs up too.

    • They are pretty expensive though aren’t they?
      I’m moving off Finish due to the choice reviews. Next for me to try are the Earth Choice ones, then Aldi I think.

      • According to Choice, the Coles ones are slightly cheaper (35c) than the Earth Choice ones (40c) but nothing holds a candle to the Aldi Logix ones at 15c a wash. Your pricing will vary if you get a good deal e.g. the Earth Choice ones have been down to $11 before (35% off) bringing it down to 26c a wash.

        Just be mindful that Aldi are being a bit sneaky in saying the Logix Platinum tablets are choice recommended when they performed worse than the Logix Complete tablets.

        Like anything, when you see them cheap. Stock up!

  • These are great, I definitely notice a big difference in the quality of the wash between the cheaper Powerballs and the Ultimate ones. 8 cents cheaper than Chemist Warehouse as well.

  • Red Dot also have $12 for 45 in their latest catalogue.