Energy Provider, Shall I Stay with Origin or Change to Alinta

Hi everyone.

I need some advise on my energy provider. I live in SA and currently have Origin for both my electricity and gas. My pay on time discount is 16 % off on electricity and 13% off on gas.

I just receive call from those a comparison company who tell me Alinta energy will offer me 25 % off electricity and 13% off gas. These save me about 10 dollars on my bills,sounds pretty attractive.

Have anyone been with Origin before and now change to Alinta? Are they really chaeper with no hidden cost?

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    Doesn't matter what "percentage" discount they offer you.

    Compare the final after-discount rate and take the cheaper one.

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    1. Disregard all % discounts. This is a marketing message.
    2. Get the raw numbers and compare
    3. Go with the cheapest retailer.
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      Find out your rates and compare - won't matter if they give you 30% then charge you higher rates, STP and stipulate that you need to pay on time to get the discount.

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    You can get 28% off Alinta electricity through the One Big Switch website. Make sure you consider both the rates charged and the discounts provided to see which will work out cheaper.


    I stay with origin because when I call them there's someone there from an Australian call centre ready to help and the wait times aren't too bad.
    Prices might be higher but they've continually raised the supply discount every year I've renewed.
    Hasn't been any changes to my rates since early last year


    Thank you all. I will look into the rates


    I switched to Alinta with 28% off usage and Origin countered with 25% off supply and usage for first year then 21% in second year. Origin counter was a better deal.

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