Online Store for Individual LEGO Bricks?

Hey all,

I want to build the following set;

I am looking for a website, ideally an Aussie one, where I can buy all the listed parts. As far as I am aware there is nowhere to buy the bundled custom set parts in their entirety.

Can anyone recommend a website or comment on their experiences undertaking a similar task?

Thanks :)



    Bricklink works really well for the spares I've bought from there for kid's sets.

    Not sure how well it would go with a big list. But it would seem to be the place to go.

    I tend to get stuff from Australian sellers and have had a good experience with it. The only slight issue being that some sellers have a minimum sale level that isn't automatically picked up.

    Good luck with your build it looks great!

    Hope the build isn't like the legend….

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      Thanks! I think I can upload a parts list so I'll do that tonight and see what happens.

      Haha I'll focus on Albert Camus' interpretation!


    You can get official LEGO pieces from LEGO pick a brick.
    Its probably really expensive doing this way, especially once you add postage.

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      my kids xmas lego had some missing bits and the postage (from Netherlands) was free. Just took two weeks.

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        Missing bricks is free but their Pick a Brick and Bricks & Pieces services charge for delivery

  • in SA sell individual pieces. Have a sale on as well atm. Email or call them with your query, they've always been happy to help me in the past.