Which Review Sites Do You Look at?

I'm always seeing deals posted here and before I buy i'm always scanning different review sites to see if the product is any good or the business is any good etc.

I'm just wondering what sites do you guys recommend to read?


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    • TBH I think comments section can be useful as long as you ignore anything which suggests spending 80,000k. :P

      • 80,000k!!

        Lol that's $80,000,000 :P

  • It depends on the product. Theres not really one site that you can lookup for reliable reviews.
    I usually just google it and read a few reviews (some professional and some personal ones).

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    Yay! Let's review review sites.

  • Given that you say you're always checking around what sites do you use?

    This is useful for checking Amazon reviews


    • that's a really useful site thanks!

  • late reply sorry… but yes I check out places like productreview.com.au, google product reviews, amazon reviews, professional review site (pcworld, tomsguide etc)

    I find it really difficult to trust reviews… paid or user created.

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