Buying a car for 6-7 month use

So I’m interested in getting a used car. However, moving overseas before the end of the year so really only need one for 6-7 months. Leasing and rental options are pretty pricey. My budget is about $3k excluding maintenance, fuel, etc.

Was wondering if anyone has thought about/has experience with doing this:

  1. Buying a car for under $8K.

  2. Selling it off before I have to leave for around $5k.

Hoping for suggestions as to the best car to get for this price range with the lowest depreciation over those 6-7 months. Eg. VW Golf Series VI for approx $8k driveway, or 2006/7 BMW 116i for the same. Really which car would have the best resale value?

Thanks heaps!


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    For such a short length of time wouldn’t Japanese reliability be more of a priority? Depending on your kilometres and how clean you keep the car, the value wouldn’t drop too much (buy with log book servicing and keep it up)

    Any problem with a German (or any euro) car is going to absolutely demolish your budget!

    Eg: $1000 fuel pump on Mondeo


    Just get something basic. Toyota, Mazda etc.

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    Just get a 3-5k yaris and sell it for 3-5k in 8 months


    Have you done the maths to see if Go Get or similar is an option? Really depends on how often/far you will be driving though.


      Are go get cars available all over melbourne?


        Dunno, I'm in Sydney. Check the map on their website.

        Also, FYI you have to return it to the spot you got it from, you can't just return it anywhere or use any car share spots you like.

        Can be cheaper or similar price to owning a car because you don't pay for insurance or petrol.

        Nothing beats the convenience of your own car though.

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    Yeah a Corolla or Yaris or Swift will be good reliable motoring for that time.

    No way you'll lose more than a grand over that time.


      Didn’t realize you were a Toyota salesman. Any idea which is the better value? $8k for a 2009 my10 ascent auto 110kms or 2013 Ascent sport 100kms for $13k? And to resell in Dec 2018, which one would be easier to sell at less loss?


    Corolla or Mazda 3 would be good choice.

    Popular car easy to buy and resell.

    Maintainance for 6 months can be close to zero, depending on how much you intended to drive.


      Any ideas what age would be better to resell? 2008 for $7-8k, or 2013 for $12k?


        I would say depending on the miliage you are intended to use.

        if 2008 had 150000KM on it and you add 5000Km it would be much different on the re sell price but it may take longer to sell
        if 2008 had 70000 KM on it and you add 5000 it would be easier to sell and faster.

        I would say pick something less than 10 years old and doing around 10k KM per year and around $10K, it would be most easy to resell as people are all having to same budget and expectation.


        I reckon there is a market for all ages/prices of popular and common models down to under $2k.

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