Zapals rep? No order for 2 months, no response


Was there a Zapals rep around here from memory? Made an order 100840428 for two QI chargers on 31/12/2017 and they've marked the order as complete, however I've not received them and it's now mid-Feb. No response to emails or anything of course, as I may have expected given the poor reviews it seemed to get on this site.


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    If you click on any store you'll see any store reps listed there. Zapals rep link


      Great thanks for that, I'll give it a shot

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        I just realised they will probably be away now for Chinese New Year, so you might not get a reply until the end of next week. According to the GearBest post there is a "seven-day national holiday from Feb 14 to Feb 20 (inclusive)".


    PayPal claim?


    Haven't got mine either. I have also submitted a paypal claim lol. Escalated just yesterday. They haven't responded for over a week.


    same here, ordered 30/12/17, i just did paypal claim also

    seemed Zapals didn't do anything at the end of December except take our cash..


    Hmm I have an order placed on 11 Feb with a 5-8 day delivery and have received nothing. Emails to the help desk have got no response. Didn’t notice the NY shutdown - but that is over.

    Will try the rep shortly and PayPal shortly after that if nothing.

    Maybe it’s back to Banggood - while they can take a while, I have had no issues with the two items that didn’t turn up - they sent another straight away. They always response quite quickly. I’ve probably bought about 50 items from Banggood.


    Similar case here, I ordered an item on 02-Jan.

    No delivery, no response from their "customer service".

    I escalated it to Paypal last week and it seems they won't response to them either.

    Just waiting for my Paypal refund.

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