Where Can I Park for Free in Hobart CBD?

Are there any free parking places in Hobart Near Salamanca?

Visiting for a weekend and need a place to park rented car
As there are some beautiful places outside the city

Hotel doesn’t have parking


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    I believe they have a free 2 hour parking for horse and carts.

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    Anywhere in Tasmania.

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    Lots of free CBD street parking from 4pm Friday until 8am Monday… where is the hotel located exactly? I was there for work last weekend and stayed at Ibis Styles and the street outside the front door had a heap of empty spaces. It was a five minute walk to salamanaca


      Perfect! That’s where I’m planning to stay on the weekend! Was it a nice hotel?

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        Yeah it was very nice, I was there for work but there’s a really nice indoor pool too.

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    They have cars in Tassie now?

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    Bass Straight

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    Try Hampden Road or one of the back streets off it. Not sure of the times but I believe they’re free after 5pm-9am and it’ll be less busy than closer parks. It’s a short walk to Salamanca.


    Hardly any free parking spots around Salamanca as it's very tight and full of one way streets. Elizabeth Street Pier is a couple blocks away and occasionally has free parking. Otherwise you're better off parking at meters when they're free after hours. You'll probably find parking to be much cheaper than the mainland cities anyway.

    If you're planning on doing Salamanca Market get there early as possible. They haven't changed the space in 20 years and it's shoulder to shoulder.


    Does Hobart have a CBD?

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    While not free, parking at CARePark Macquarie Point is relatively close and inexpensive https://www.google.com.au/maps/place/CARe+Park+MACQUARIE+POINT/@-42.8849468,147.3341495,16.25z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x0:0xf96e284c64c7ffc2!8m2!3d-42.8809158!4d147.3368023

    Pricing - http://www.carepark.com.au/find-a-care-park/macquarie-point/

    Salamanca is pretty crappy for parking, with the Salamanca market on Saturday you may have issues parking anywhere near.

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